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Creating a Culture of Innovation

Imagine you are creating a new and innovative technology company. In this assignment, consider the culture, management, and leadership of your organization. Remember that your company should be a place that people want to work.

Write a four page paper in which you: Use attached template

  1. Describe the characteristics of the people you would want working at your company, in relation to the culture you are trying to cultivate.
  2. Identify two (2) leadership qualities you would look for in employees. What does their background and previous experience look like?
  3. Discuss your company’s organizational culture. What are the ways you can help ensure that the company’s culture fosters creativity and innovation among employees

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Explain the principal theories and the various approaches to management that have evolved over time and their application to current management situations.
  • Assess how various leadership styles fit cultural differences and effectively operate in global markets.
  • Describe control systems that can improve a firm’s operations and facilitate change.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in management concepts.
  • Write clearly and concisely about management concepts using proper writing mechanics.

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Running head: ASSIGNMENT 1 1 Creating a Culture of Innovation Your name here Strayer University 2 ASSIGNMENT 1 Introduction In this section you will introduce what your paper is about. Start by thinking about the question you are trying to answer. Perhaps you may want to provide information about the company you are choosing to discuss for this assignment. Talk about the culture you want to see at your company, the management staff, and leadership you would want for your company. Your topic sentence should be included in here. 3 ASSIGNMENT 1 Characteristics of employees Here you will discuss the characteristics you want employees to have working for your company. Remember characteristics are those traits, such as being honest, creative, communication, and a sence of humor just to name a few. Then you will discuss how those characteristics will help improve your company cutlture or help create a positive culture. You must determine the culture you want for your company. Culture are the beliefes, behavior, way of interacting with one another that builds a positive or negative culture. Talk about this section on this entire page to cover one page. 4 ASSIGNMENT 1 Two leadership qualities In this section you will talk about 2 leadership qualities, such as commitment, honesty, passion, and empathy just to name a few. Think about the qualities you think makes a good leader. There is a lot so do a little bit of research and discuss the ones you will select. Talk about the employees background and discuss their prior work experiences. Think about how their prior experience will help out on their new role and responsibilities. Will they be a good fit. Remember to cite and reference anything you use that is not your own. See SWS. Talk about this entire section on this page to make it two full pages. Comapany’s organizational culture ASSIGNMENT 1 5 In this section you may want to give your definition of what organizational culture is, then discuss the culture you decided to have for your chosen company. Remember every company has a culture, whether it is a negative or positive, the culture is still there. So here talk about it in full details. You may even want to discuss how leadership can effect the company cultlure because eaders have a major influence on organizational culture. Then discuss how having a culture can help create new ideas to create new products. Discuss some of the steps or ways you can help maintain the culture you want in order to continue with a successful business. Think about discussing the things you can do as leadership to help employees continue to be creative. For waxample, leadershio can be supportive to their ideas or even provide the tools they need to help them with creativitiy and innovation. There is a lot of fun stuff to discuss here. Remember to talk about this whole section here to cover three full pages. Cite and reference any outside information you bring into your paper. See SWS. 6 ASSIGNMENT 1 Conclusion Here is where you will wrap everything up that you have in your paper. A summary of what you have discussed. A sentence letting me know what you have discussed to accomplish what was expected for this assignment. In other words, tell me what you have said in your paper but in a paragraph. This is important to have for any assignment. This template is for you to use and follow for assignment two and three. Delete what I have under each header after you have discussed each section. This is only for you to get a headstart. It is a good idea to use headers like I have here on each page to help you focus on what the question is asking. It will help me pull out information to give you the most possible points. If you follow this you wll have 3 full pages, but don’t limit yourself, you can add more. I hope you find this helpful! 7 ASSIGNMENT 1 References List your resources here following SWS ASSIGNMENT 1 8 ASSIGNMENT 1 9 ASSIGNMENT 1 10 ASSIGNMENT 1 11
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Creating a Culture of Innovation
Student’s Name
Strayer University




Creativity is critical to the success of a business, and this paper explores how companies
can foster and promote a culture of innovation among employees. In today's dynamic workplace,
firms are striving to foster a creative employee culture (Martins & Terblanche, 2003). In my
Company, Jetlink Solutions, I desire to develop an adaptive culture that allows workers from
diverse backgrounds to work together towards achieving a common goal. I believe in aligning
my employee culture to the core values and missio ns of the company. Employees should feel
free and at ease to share their ideas with their departmental heads. The management team, on the
other hand, have a role of addressing employee grievances to ensure that the working
environment is fun and productive. The leadership should consult the employee when making
decisions that may affect their performance and productivity.
Characteristics of employees
In the quest to remain innovative in the competitive business environment, there are
essential traits which employees must possess. Employees should have an opportunistic mindset
to help them identify a market niche and business gaps that are worth exploring. The success of
every business entity is dependent on how well they recognize a need and find means of
fulfilling this need (Martins & Martins, 2002). Employees need to be more alert to the latest
trends to ensure that they are up to date with the new market forces. They should appreciate
novelty by seeking new and complex experiences from all aspects of life. Employees ought to be
trained and have expertise in one of the areas of technology since the organization's culture is
aligned to the core values and missions. They ...

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