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“80% of the analysis effort for business decisions is spent on data collection and cleansing!” Operations Researcher

Follow the instructions in the below template to practice this critical task -- avoid "Garbage in... Garbage out!."

Hints for completion of outliers portion of assignment:

Outliers are data that are outside the pattern of distribution of data in a range. There are statistical methods to determine outliers in large groups of data in Excel, such as using the Quartile function. However, since the data range in the Week 1 Assignment 2 is relatively small, the easiest way is to view the outliers.

The first step to determine the data range involved is to use a formula to calculate the "Days Late (early)" column on the spreadsheet. You will create a formula to subtract the Promised Delivery Date from the Actual Delivery Date. This will show you the outliers data that are outside the pattern of distribution--data that is too high compared to the rest of the data. You will see that there are 2 outliers. Use the Reference Table to determine what the item name is for each.

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