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you have read numerous texts both fiction and nonfiction, that address or describe the relationship between men and women and/or address the rights and role(s) of women in society. How had the role of women changed over time periods we've studied so far? Choose at least two pieces that you've read that represent two of the four different time periods (anglo-saxon, Middle ages, renaissance, restoration and the 18th century) and explain how women are characterized in each piece, how the characterization reflects the values and customs of the time period, and how the characterization had changed over time periods we've studied so far in the course. Your response should be least three paragraphs long and should be supported by specific examples from the text you choose.

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The rights and roles of women in society
The 18th century
During the 18th century, the legal status of women heavily depended on their marital
status. The legal status of a single woman was the same as that of a man. They could own
property, sign contracts and even sue in court. However, their gender made it difficult for society
to treat them as equals to men. Married women on the other hand had no independent legal
identity. An...

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