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Now that you have an understanding of the differences between public relations and advertising, let's share some examples of each. For this discussion, you will share one public relations example and one advertising example.

For your initial post, include the following for each example:

  • Company: What is the name of the company?
  • Brand: What brand is represented in the example?
  • Product (if applicable): What product, if any, is featured in the example?
  • Purpose: In your opinion, what is the purpose of the example? Why was it created?
  • Key Message: What is the most important message communicated in the example? 
  • Secondary Message: What secondary messages (if any) are communicated? (Tip: Think beyond the words. What message do the visual cues communicate?)
  •  Why did you select the examples you chose to share?

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Public relations example
Apple and Environmental Awareness.
Apple is one of the biggest corporations that supports environmental awareness. Each year, the
company goes to great lengths to communicate how it benefits the environment through its
actions. In addition to building a practical landing page that heralds it efforts, the entity goes a
step further to produce in-depth annual reports that are accessible to the public (Apple Inc.,
2019). The main aim of the PR campaign is to prove to users of apple products, as well as those
who do not that ...

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