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  • Think of a problem or opportunity that would require data to analyze in your own company. As director of your organization's research and analytics department, where would you be gathering the data and what would you be looking for in terms of patterns, predictive analytics, etc.?


  • Pretend your company is about to launch a new product that will be very data intensive. How would the IT management teams make the decision to build an in-house proprietary system or purchase a commercial off-the-shelf system? Given your project, which would be more beneficial?


  • Describe a device that qualifies for label as an "Internet of Things" device. Present your top reason why this device can benefit society AND your top reason why it could be harmful.

Feel free to use a real life project that you have experienced.

Be sure to answer in detail and refer to specific concepts from the course.

Be sure to answer in detail and refer to specific concepts from the text and peer reviewed papers from the library. Initiate a full response on one of the topics and response to another students’ post on the second topic.

Responses must be meaningful and specific. Credit will not be given for responses that are brief and general (e.g., Nice post – I fully agree with you).

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Week 2 Discussion
Any organization exists only because customers exist. No organization would watch a
customer move out of the organization unsatisfied, especially if they are customersatisfaction oriented. However, the needs of the customers cannot be accurately guessed.
Data collection and analysis is, therefore, a very crucial function that al organizations desire
to effectively deal with it. As a director in the department of research and analytics in my
organization, I have foreseen an opportunity in the marketing sector of my organization.
Hence all this opportunity might only be taken advantage of it should the data of customers
be collected and analyzed effectively. These data collected will only help to identify and
satisfy customer needs. The organization will keep a database of the customers and continue
building and de...

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