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Write a complex number class. It will have a default constructor, explicit constructor, and the following methods: read() public Complex add(Complex), public Complex subtract(Complex), public Complex multiply(Complex), public Complex divide(Complex), public boolean equals(comlpex) and a toString( method. Include get and set methods as well. Your class should have at least 2 constructors: a default constructor, and an explicit constructor with two arguments of type double.

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Here is a demo program that shows what the output should look like and more info about the arithmetic of complex numbers

public class ComplexNumberDemo


public static void main (String[] args)


ComplexNumber cn1 = new ComplexNumber (4, 5);

ComplexNumber cn2 = new ComplexNumber (3, -2);

ComplexNumber cn3, cn4, cn5, cn6, cn7;

System.out.println ("First ComplexNumber number: " + cn1);

System.out.println ("Second ComplexNumber number: " + cn2);

if (cn1.equals(cn2))

System.out.println ("cn1 and cn2 are equal.");


System.out.println ("cn1 and cn2 are NOT equal.");

cn4 = cn1.add(cn2);

cn5 = cn1.subtract(cn2);

cn6 = cn1.multiply(cn2);

cn7 = cn1.divide(cn2);

System.out.println ("cn1 + cn2: " + cn4);

System.out.println ("cn1 - cn2: " + cn5);

System.out.println ("cn1 * cn2: " + cn6);

System.out.println ("cn1 / cn2: " + cn7);




Here are some examples to test your program:

If c1 = 4 + 5i and c2 = 3 -2i then

the sum of c1 and c2 is 7.0 + 3.0i

subtracting c2 from c1 is 1.0 + 7.0i

multiplying c1 and c2 is 22.0 + 7.0i

dividing c1 by c2 is 0.1538461538 + 1.7692307692i

Complex (Imaginary) Number Arithmetic

Complex Numbers are represented by a “real part”, and an 

“imaginary part”. The imaginary part is not real because it 

is multiplied by √(-1). The √(-1) is represented by the 

letter „i‟.

A complex number is written in the form:

(a + b*i)

(a)= the real part

(b)= the imaginary part

(i)= √(-1)

In this document we will write the second imaginary number 


(c + d*i)

(c)= the real part

(d)= the imaginary part

(i)= √(-1)

In a complex number class the real and imaginary parts are 

stored as double‟s, and (i) is not stored because it‟s just 

assumed that the imaginary part is multiplied by √(-1). 

When you print out the imaginary number you can output “i” 

or something like that after the imaginary part to signify 

that it‟s the imaginary part.

Here are some examples of imaginary numbers so you can see 

what is the real part and imaginary part.

(1) 1.5+3.2i, real_part=1.5, imaginary_part=3.2

(2) -15, real_part=-15, imaginary_part=0 

this is a real number, so to represent it in 

complex form, it‟s -15+0i

(3) -8.99i, real_part=0, imaginary_part=-8.99

(this is a complex number with no real part, so 

it could be written as: 0-8.99i

(4) -6.2-14.3i, real_part=-6.2, imaginary_part=-14.3

Now that you know how complex numbers break down into two 

floating-point number for the real part and the complex 

part, we can use the (a)+(b)i notation to demonstrate the 

arithmetic that a complex number class should do.Addition:

(a + b*i)+(c + d*i)=(a+c)+(b+d)i

result: real_part=(a+c), imaginary_part=(b+d)


(a + b*i)-(c + d*i)=(a-c)+(b-d)i

result: real_part=(a-c), imaginary_part=(b-d)


(a + b*i)*(c + d*i)=(a*c-b*d)+(a*d+b*c)i

result: real_part=(a*c-b*d), imaginary_part=(a*d+b*c)


(a + b*i)/(c + d*i)

= ((a*c+b*d)/(c2+d2)) + ((b*c-a*d)/(c2+d2))i

result: real_part=((a*c+b*d)/(c2+d2))



(a + b*i) = (c + d*i) if a=c, and b=d

Greater than, and less than do not make sense with complex 

numbers because the real part could be greater, and the 

imaginary part could be less or vice-versa.

Here are some examples to test your program:

If c1 = 4 + 5i and c2 = 3 -2i then

the sum of c1 and c2 is 7.0 + 3.0i

subtracting c2 from c1 is 1.0 + 7.0i

multiplying c1 and c2 is 22.0 + 7.0i

dividing c1 by c2 is 0.1538461538 + 1.7692307692i

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