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Write a Project Implementation Plan. Part 1 of the plan must include the following sections:

  • Human Resources Plan: This plan should include roles and responsibilities, a project organization chart, and a staffing management plan. Your plan should:
  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities in the following areas: Role, Authority, Responsibility, and Competency which are needed to complete a project.
  • Include a project organization chart that displayed project team members and their reporting relationships.
  • Provide a staffing management plan that included how human resource management requirements will be met by including when and how project team members will be acquired and how long they will be needed.
  • Quality Management Plan: This plan should include the quality management plan for implementing the organization's quality policy and the quality metrics. Your plan should:
  • Examine how the organization's quality policies will be implemented.
  • Explain how the project management team plans to meet the quality requirements set for the project.
  • Procurement Plan: This plan should identify the types of external resources that must be secured, the process for selecting and managing these external resources, and the metrics to evaluate the external resources. Your plan should:
  • Describe how a project team will acquire goods and services from outside the performing organization.
  • Evaluate how the procurement processes will be managed from developing procurement documents through contract closure.

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Project Implementation Plan: New Management Training Curriculum
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Project Implementation Plan: New Management Training Curriculum
The project implementation plan, in this case, includes the employment of New Management
Training Curriculum which endeavors to provide an assessment method or tool to each employee, the
project will likewise enable the company to assess the needs of the employees in terms of the skills and
capabilities in the company. The project will also be valuable in the provision of management and
leadership skills to all the managers in the organization (Bratton & Gold, 2017). Further, tree project is
essential in the establishment of vital skills in the employees for them to be promoted to become
supervisors or first-level managers. Therefore, there are various processes which will be employed in the
implementation process, and they include an introduction, communication, and implementation of the
Human Resources Plan
Human resources plan alludes to the process whereby a company pinpoints its future and
current needs in human resources, thus allowing it to attain its objectives and goals. The HR plan entails
retention, staffing, and assortment of employees. In the part of the project, there are different stages
which must be accomplished (Kavanagh & Johnson, 2017). The first phase is evaluating the present
human resource ability; this entails establishing particular skills for the workers and the professional and
academic levels needed for them. The second phase is the capability to predict the future requirement
of human resource; this is considering how outside forces will change or alter the human resources
needs of a company in the future. The third phase is gap analysis; this is assessing the gap in capabilities
among the workers in regard to the company’s future strate...

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