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Like earthquake and volcano eruptions, major hurricanes and tornadoes have occurred long before there were humans on Earth. Choose one hurricane or tornado that significantly impacted humans and report on it. Be sure to cover how it affected the Earth, damages and death tolls, economic impact and any permanent consequences.

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Hurricane Sandy is one of the most devastating disasters ever experienced in the history of the
United States. The disaster occurred as a result of a tropical disturbance that culminated into a
tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea and then advanced towards the Northern parts of the Atlantic
coast, hitting the North American coastline.
History of Sandy
Hurricane Sandy started as a light storm and grew into a full-blown hurricane before hitting
Jamaica, as the storm approached Cuba, its magnitude and force increased, leading to a major
hurricane Cuba. The hurricane initially weakened slightly as passed over central and southern
coastlines of Bahamas.
Impact of Sandy on Nature
Hurricane Sandy swept across eastern Jamaica, Bahamas, Cuba, and New York causing tropical
storm across the U New England and .S. the Mid-Atlantic States. The western parts of the Great
Lakes experienced Gale-force winds and gusts while some parts of Connecticut, New Jersey,
Rhode Island, New York, and Massachusetts coasts experienced huge storm surges that caused
extensive destruction.
Impact of Sandy on Deaths
The impacts of Hurricane Sandy was felt around the Atlantic shores of Caribbean countries and
the United States. The disaster led to the loss of lives of 72 citizens of the United States, 54
victims of Haiti nationality, 11 Cuban citizens, 3 people of Dominican Republic descent, 2
people form the Bahamas, 2 people from Maritime and 1 citizen from Puerto Rico, Canada, and
Jamaica each.
Long-Term Effects of Hurricane Sandy

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy left permanent and devastating impacts that are still felt
several years after it occurred. For instance, the topography of the United States’ Atlanti...

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