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Kraft Mac and Cheese: A Stealth Marketing Approach • A trend that has a critical impact on the consumer packaged goods industry in recent years is consumers’ desire for simpler, more transparent, and more natural ingredients. More companies have responded by publicly stating their intentions to remove artificial coloring and preservatives from longstanding brands and then repositioning the product as “clean” or “pure” within the market. While this strategy aligns well with trends, it risks alienating individuals who are used to purchasing goods based on more intangible factors such as nostalgia, predictability, and even taste. • Kraft used a novel approach to handling these shifting consumer preferences. To stay competitive within the category, the company realized it had to rethink the product formula of one of its superstar brands, Kraft Mac and Cheese. However, management knew it was crucial to make changes without tainting elements of the product that consumers had come to expect. For generations, individuals had associated Kraft Mac and Cheese with its orangish hue and smooth sauce consistency. Kraft made it a point to carefully maintain these identifying attributes as it eliminated ingredients and removed artificial dyes. • The aspect of Kraft’s strategy that was a real differentiator though was how it rolled out the reformulation. Rather than advertising the measures the company had taken to make its product more natural—common practice among competitors—Kraft simply didn’t say anything. Studies have shown that even the mention of a new formula can cause consumers to perceive flavor to be different, so Kraft chose not to call attention to the change. • After consumers had accepted the new formula, as evidenced by sales remaining stable, Kraft launched a digital campaign to announce the adjustment. The campaign tagline “It changed. But it hasn’t.” was featured in 15- and 30-second online video spots. Tongue-and-cheek lines such as “We’d invite you to try it, but you already have.” were incorporated into digital display ads, promotions through channels like Pandora radio and Snapchat, and magazine print. Kraft also encouraged fans to share their experiences with the product on social media using #didntnotice and offered giveaways to encourage postings. • Kraft’s ability to make a fundamental change to an iconic product without consumer backlash is a testament to its thoughtful marketing approach. Quietly testing the waters in a landscape of uncertainty can help companies anticipate reactions to significant product changes that ultimately help them stay one step ahead. Questions: • In what way(s) could Kraft’s strategy have backfired? How might Kraft have been prepared for this possibility? • How should Kraft respond to the demographic trends outlined in your textbook? What about cultural trends? Sustainability trends? Please be sure to answer each of these questions; they should not be lumped together but instead treated separately. Viedos you may need to reference 1. Goldman Sachs (2015, May 5). Millennials: Changing Consumer Behavior: Goldman Sachs' Lindsay Drucker Mann (Links to an external site.). YouTube. 2. Gerzema, John (2009, Aug). The post-crisis consumer. (Links to an external site.) TED. Grading Rubric Criteria Content Ratings 50 Pts 44 pts 38 pts 25 pts 5 pts The essay answers the question clearly with sufficient explanation. It reflects original thought, sound logic and provides ample supporting detail, which needs references and citations. This will make for a strong, convincing response. The writer projects a consistent and mature voice throughout the response. The essay answers the question clearly. It meets most of the criteria of the 50 points with one or more minor errors. The essay answers the question clearly but is lacking in explanation and provides less than ample supporting detail to make for a strong, convincing response. The essay does The essay answer is not answer the vague and question supporting evidence clearly but is irrelevant, or the rather via thinking is illogical. implied logic. The writer seldom The writer develops enough frequently fails points using to satisfy the sufficient concrete reader's desire detail. The for proof or proportion of illustration. generalities to Overall, the specific support or response illustration is seems inappropriately mechanical, high. reflecting little awareness of audience. Grading Rubric Criteria Ratings 30 pts The essay provides multiple references to specific information Presents presented in the Specifics from chapter and/or learning materials. the Applicable Chapter/Content 20 pts 15 pts 0 pts The essay provides some references to specific information presented in the chapter and/or learning materials. The essay provides no references to specific information presented in the chapter and/or learning materials. While some references to the chapter content are provided, they are either not clearly linked to the chapter (ex: "on page XX") or not enough to fully relate the case questions to the learned material. 16 pts All sentences are well Most constructed and have sentences are varied structure and well length. The author constructed Sentence makes no errors in and have grammar, mechanics, varied Structure, and/or spelling. structure and length. The Grammar, author makes a few errors in Mechanics, and grammar, mechanics, Spelling and/or spelling, but they do not interfere with understanding. 10 pts 5 pts Most Sentences sound sentences are awkward, are well distractingly constructed, repetitive, or are but they have a difficult to similar understand. The structure author makes and/or length. numerous errors in The author grammar, makes several mechanics, and/or errors in spelling that grammar, interfere with mechanics, understanding. and/or spelling that interfere with understanding. Case Study Rubric 2019 Criteria This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContent Ratings Pts 50.0 pts 44.0 pts 38.0 pts 25.0 pts 5.0 pts The essay The The essay The essay The essay answers the essay answers the does not answer is vague question answers question answer the and supporting clearly with the clearly but question evidence is sufficient question is lacking in clearly but irrelevant, or the explanation. clearly. explanation rather via thinking is It reflects It meets and implied illogical. The original most of provides logic. The writer seldom thought, the less than writer develops enough sound logic criteria ample frequently points using and provides of the 50 supporting fails to sufficient ample points detail to satisfy the concrete detail. supporting with one make for a reader's The proportion detail, which or more strong, desire for of generalities to needs minor convincing proof or specific support references errors. response. illustration. or illustration is and citations. Overall, the inappropriately This will response high. make for a seems strong, mechanical, convincing reflecting response. The little writer awareness of projects a audience. consistent and mature voice throughout the response. 50.0 pts Case Study Rubric 2019 Criteria This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePresents Specifics from the Applicable Chapter/Content Ratings Pts 30.0 pts 15.0 pts 0.0 pts The essay provides The essay provides some The essay provides multiple references to references to specific no references to specific information information presented in the specific information presented in the chapter and/or learning presented in the chapter and/or materials. chapter and/or learning materials. While some references to the learning materials. 30.0 pts chapter content are provided, they are either not clearly linked to the chapter (ex: "on page XX") or not enough to fully relate the case questions to the learned material. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSentence Structure, Grammar, Mechanics, and Spelling 20.0 pts 16.0 pts 10.0 pts 5.0 pts All sentences Most sentences Most sentences Sentences sound are well are well are well awkward, are constructed constructed and constructed, but distractingly and have have varied they have a repetitive, or are varied structure and similar structure difficult to structure and length. The and/or length. understand. The length. The author makes a The author makes author makes author makes few errors in several errors in numerous errors no errors in grammar, grammar, in grammar, grammar, mechanics, and/or mechanics, and/or mechanics, and/or mechanics, spelling, but they spelling that spelling that and/or do not interfere interfere with interfere with spelling. with understanding. understanding. understanding. Total Points: 100.0 20.0 pts ...
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Kraft Mac and Cheese
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Kraft Mac and Cheese
Question 1
The Kraft strategy could have gone wrong if the target customers had taken the lack of
communication as a sign of the reduction in the quality of the product. Customers require the
established relationship between them and the companies to be sincere and hence, any changes
made should be communicated between the relevant parties. The lack of communication between
target and their customers would have raised suspicion among the customers as they would have
made conclusions that the company products were of no good and hence the lack of
Also, Kraft strategy could have been used by their competitors to manipulate their
customers into thinking that the company did not have an excellent customer service. Kraft
competitors could have reveale...

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