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Develop your group's new business venture. This must be a brand new business that manufactures a product. Include your company name and describe the products or services offered, basic logistics, etc.

This is a group project and all group members are expected to contribute to the project. Read this article for some Success Strategies for Teamwork in the Online Setting. Please define your group roles and include a description of them in your deliverable. Examples of possible roles include (you may create your own roles and responsibilities):

  • Leader: Makes a list of the project content and distribute it to the group members. Your main role is to make sure that all members of the group are responsible for an equitable share of the project.
  • Organizer: Schedules group meetings, communicates time lines, and keeps the group on task. You are in charge of making sure the group meets the deadlines.
  • Editor: Integrates each persons' work into a seamless document. Edits grammar, spelling, formatting, and ensures there is no replication of information.
  • Peace Keeper: Makes sure that participants are working together and getting along. When conflicts arise, you use good conflict management skills to work through it together. If a resolution cannot be found amongst your group, you make an appointment with the instructor to find a resolution.

Collaborate with your group using your group discussion board. Your participation in the group discussion is mandatory and is how I will assess your overall group progress and individual contributions. All graded work must be submitted to the Group Deliverable #1 assignment. One group member should submit your final deliverable for grading.

Your deliverable should be 4-6 pages in length. Make sure to include a title page and references section (that do not count towards the length of your assignment). Use New Times Roman, 12-size font with one inch margins. Incorporate APA style. Click the assignment link to compare your work to the rubric before submitting it. Click the same link to submit your assignment.

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Group New Business Venture
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Group New Business Venture




Group New Business Venture
Developing a business venture as a group is not an easy endeavor. In particular, new
ventures play an essential role today because they account for a larger portion of new product
innovations. Therefore, it is important to come up with a product that meets the demands of the
customers out there while staying in the market for as long as possible. Despite, may
considerable success stories, many ventures often fail long before they have fulfilled their
intended goals (Klotz et al., 2014). An entrepreneurial team, however, can have more success
than single investors because there will be more people to deal with all challenges. Every
member in a team or a group can serve an essential role in ensuring the success of the new
venture. Each member will contribute his or her complementary skills, competencies, and their
experience to the new venture, bringing in a collective nature to the business. On this note, this
paper aim is to describe the new group venture, a company that makes interactive toy product.
The paper will first describe the company products and basic logistics. Then the paper will
explore a possible r...

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