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Using web browser and search engine, search terms "citibank backup tapes lost. search and identify what that artice considers a short coming in citibanks palnning. what part of the contigency planning process came up short (IR, BP or CP)? How could the shortcoming have been prevented?

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Hello, your work is complete. Please have a look at it and in case you might need any correction, feel free to hit me up ASAP.The other file is just an outline on the same. It was not part of the requirements but I thought it might help. You can just choose to ignore it

Using a Web Browser and a search engine, search the terms "CitiBank backup tapes lost."
You will find many results. Select one article and identify what that article considers a
shortcoming in Citibank’s planning.

Citigroup, a bank company based in New York lost backup tapes with over 3.9 million
customers located in United States. According to the bank, United Parcel Services (UPS)
lost the tapes as they transmit them to the bureau.

The lost tapes consisted of information on closed and opened accounts of CitiFinancial

The branch believed that the lost information was not used inappropriately or in any
unauthorized way.

The lost information comprised of customers financial records, social security numbers,
transaction records, and addresses.

What part of the contingency planning process came up short (IR, BP, or CP)?

Since the tapes were already lost, incident response (IR) planning method should be
adopted in order to investigate the situation and try to recover the lost drives.

In this plan, Citi analyzes the main causing agents of the incidence, determine risks that
are likely to occur or happen because of tapering or destroying the customers’ data or
information in the tapes.

However, the bank should take precaution on its planning tasks to ensure that the safety
of the customers’ information is put first above all other things.

How could the shortcoming have been prevented?


The main shortcomings realized with the loss of backup tapes at Citi’s were poor security
policies, the transmission of unencrypted data, poor data storage and transmi...

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