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Article Review and Summary: Current Issues in Public Health

The world of public health is constantly changing and students need to stay abreast of the issues that affect personal, family, and community health.  The exercise is designed to help students learn how to read and think critically. Students may select a related topic of interest from magazines, journals, or newspaper, etc. 


When summarizing the magazine, journal or newspaper article, please refer to Section 6 Learning to Think Critically (pp. 187-200) in your Freshman Orientation book.  Also, please include the following points:


1.  What is the author’s opinion?

2.  What do you think was the author’s purpose for writing the article?

3.   Does the author provide facts to support the topic or opinion?

3.  What is the other side of the issue? What are the opposing arguments?

4.  What is your opinion or how do you feel about the topic?


1.  No less than 2 pages in length

2.  All written assignments are to be typed using 1 inch margins, 12 point font and double-spaced

3.  A copy of the article MUST be submitted along with the article summary.

4.  If you fail to submit a copy of the article – you WILL NOT get credit for the assignment. NO EXCEPTIONS!


All assignments and presentations are due on the DATE INDICATED at the beginning of the class unless otherwise stated by the instructorLate assignments will not be accepted.

  In the event difficulties arise in meeting assigned deadlines, arrangements MUST be made with and approved in ADVANCE by the instructor.

Topics may include but not limited to: (Must Choose one)

Nursing Shortage  Domestic Violence

Obesity and Nutrition  Public Safety

African American - Mental Health Issues  Firearm/Gun Control

Diabetes  African American – Health Disparities

Sexually Transmitted Diseases  HIV/AIDS

Eating Disorders  Smoking and Tobacco

Infant Mortality  People with Disabilities

Homicide/Death Rates  Preparedness and Emergency Response

Cancer    Environmental Health

Cardiovascular Disease  Pandemic FLU

Teen Pregnancy   Homelessness

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome  Drunk Driving

Binge Drinking  Date Rape

Racial Profiling  Crime in the Community

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome  Tobacco Prevention

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