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1.  Suppose Foot Locker strongly encourages its employees to make formal suggestions to improve the store, the product, and the working environment. Suppose a quality auditor keeps records of the suggestions, the persons who submitted them, and the geographic region from which they come. A possible breakdown of the number of suggestions over a 3-year period by employee sex and geographic location follows. Is there any relationship between the sex of the employee and the geo-graphic location in terms of number of suggestions? If they are related, what does this relationship mean to the company? What business implications might there be for such an analysis?

*Supplement attached for this question with chart

Results:  chi-square = 28.7

degrees of freedom = 5

probability = 0.000

a) is there a relationship between geographic location and sex in terms of numbers of suggestions?, and  b) if they are related, what does this relationship mean to the company? 

2. Executives of a video rental chain want to predict the success of a potential new store.  The company’s researcher begins by gathering information on number of rentals and average family income from several of the chain’s present outlets.

Develop a regression model to predict the number of rentals per day by the average family income.  Comment on the output.

**Supplement attached for this question with chart

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