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Respond to discussion below: Chapter 1.

  1. What do you think it means to have a family-centered approach where teachers “use the strengths of parents to help educate their children”? What role do a school counselor and/or teacher play in creating a family-centered approach?

What I think it means to have a family-centered approach where teachers “use the strengths of parents to help education their children” is that teachers and families take on a role of educating their children. They need to discuss what each family believes to be their expectations of school and the teacher and what goals they hope for their child to reach. I think that teachers would be surprised with how much knowledge or lack of knowledge families have when it comes to their child’s education. Using the that knowledge they can develop a plan that works best for both the teacher and family and ultimately benefiting the child. It is the role of the teacher to ensure they reach out to each family and establish an expectation that educating their child is a partnership that requires all parties taking on responsibility. By working together, the teacher and families can play on each other’s strengths to meet the needs of the child.

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Response: Family-Centered Education
I do agree with you; family-centered education involves both the parents and the teachers
in the education of the children. In a family-centered education, the connection between the
children, family, and society is drawn to make the c...

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