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Visit the Sanchez family case file.

  • Read the profiles of Celia, Hector, and Carmen Sanchez.

Think & Reflect:

Keeping in mind what you've learned about the Ecological Systems Perspective:

  • If Carmen were to go to college and live somewhere else, how might the family system be further impacted?
  • How might the lives of the Sanchez family have been different if Hector had come to the U.S. just a few years later than he did?

Keeping in mind what you've learned about the Strengths and Risk and Resilience perspectives:

  • What are Celia's strengths that may be applied to help alleviate her problems?
  • What sorts of resources, formal or informal, are available to assist Carmen? What alternatives does she have?

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The Sanchez Family Case Study
Carmen is hearing impaired, diagnosed at a young age but tends to manage well and has
decided to go away to college. According to the Ecological Systems Theory, Carmen will be
changing her microsystem, exosystem, macrosystem and will be going through a significant
transition through the chronosystem. Changing all of these factors, as well as her being the first
in her family to venture away from home will have a significant impact on the family structure.
First, it will be another financial issue t...

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