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LAB 6: Organize the following information below into a PowerPoint presentation that contains the following 3 slides (Title slide and 2 subsequent slides). Include the following Header and Footer information (Date, Your Name and Page Number) at the bottom of all 3 slides. Part (1) a) Title Slide: Should have the following Title and Subtitle: Title: “Communications Devices” Subtitle: “Hardware capable of transmitting data, instruction & information” b) Slide 2: Should have the following Title and text with bullet points. Title: “Types of Communication Devices” Text: (in 6 separate bullet points) - “Dial-Up Modems” - “Digital Modems” - “Wireless Modems” - “Network Cards” - “Wireless Access Points” - “Routers” c) Slide 3: Should have the following Title and text with bullet points. Title: “Three Types of Digital Modems” Text: (in 3 separate bullet points) “ISDN Modems”, “DSL Modems”, “Cable Modems”. Part (2) Add the following enhancements: Transition: Apply Transition to all 3 slides. (Note: Choose a Transition from the Exciting category. Example: Cube, Blinds, Doors…etc.). Page 1 of 2 Timing: Apply Timing to all 3 slides. (Note: Timing should be no more than 3 seconds.). Animation Apply Animation to the bullet points of slides 2 and 3. Clip Art Add Clip Art to the Title Slide (Note: Choose Clip Art that will help to effectively convey the message of your presentation. (Note: Titles on slides 2 and 3 should be underlined, and Titles on all 3 slides should be in capital letters.) Note: Communication Device information can be found on Page 333 of your “Discovering Computers Fundamentals” text book. Page 2 of 2 ...
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