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 Q1.  As the project manager leading an IT project – what are the essential items and information that must be covered during the project kickoff meeting.

  After reviewing the course materials on the Tuckman Model. As the project manager, what are the deliberation actions you must take to manage and move the team forward during each stage of the group dynamics model? Be specific.

Requirement: 600 Words

Deadline: 12 Hours.

Q2. In at least 250 words, discuss the following in your main post.

1.  Thoroughly describe ONE of the many biometric access control methods.

2.  Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the control.

3.  Give a practical example where the control can be used effectively.

4.  Name a vendor (and URL) that provides the control, and cost of the control.

Deadline: 16 Hours

Q3. Review articles that describe intrusion detection systems.  (This does not include Wikipedia or vendor's literature.) 

1.  Write an introduction that describes an intrusion detection systems (IDS) for someone that is not a security professional.

2.  Describe and contrast two IDS.  Make sure you include advantages, disadvantages, life-cycle cost (which includes updates).

3.  Write a conclusion that contains your recommendation of which IDS to use for a small business.

Submission Requirements

·  Format: Microsoft Word

·  Font: Arial, 12-Point, Double- Space

·  Citation Style: APA

·  Length: 1–2 pages (plus a cover sheet)

Deadline: 3 days.

Q4.  Write One – Two page paper about Android Vs IOS Security Features? And which will provide better security? Explain it.

Deadline: 3 days.

Q5. Use the text book as the key, decrypt the following running key code: 381,13,1; 382,4,5; 389,1,14; 381,34,2; 381,7,7; 381,24,8; 381,5,5; 381,7,13; 383,1,1

(No format. Just post the answer.)

Deadline: 3 days.

Textbook:  Management of Information Security, 4th Edition.

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