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Give an example of if-then, and loop using variables. Explain the danger of endless loop, and how to avoid them. Can an endless loop create a DoS (Denial of Service)?

Student one:

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In programming, an interpreter relies on an operator for direction, like a $ or %.

So, this example would be an operation with one condition,

if ($myval < 50 {

print “Value is less than 50”;


else {

print “Value is not equal to 50’;


(Computerhope.com, 2017)

In programming, a loop is “a sequence of instruction that is continually repeated until a certain condition is reached” (Rouse, 2005). In the example above, the condition is reached once the value is 49 or less. An endless loop, simply, is when a condition(s) is/are not met, and the operation finds no logical end. To prevent this from happening, a programmer must always have a defined solution(s) to if-then and if-then-else statements. According to Cisco Security, yes, an infinite loop can cause a Denial of Service attack, as proved in 2009 when an “attacker exploited a vulnerability in the Server Message Block version 2 (SMBv2) component to trigger an infinite loop, causing the system to stop responding until it was rebooted” (Cisco, 2009). Fortunately, either personnel at Microsoft or non-company affiliated free-lancers posted patches to this vulnerability, and others as they are discovered for the clients that utilize their products. I find services like this to be wonderful for the consumers that use these products because it affirms the beliefs that those companies hold the interests of solid service and support for their clients, if not only to keep up their profits as well because products in the I.T. field can become obsolete days after purchase.


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Student two:

'If .. then example
price = cint(WScript.arguments(0)) 'price variable is entered by the user
if price > 50 then
WSH.echo "The price is too high"
WSH.echo "This is a great deal"
end if

'Loop example
max = cint(WScript.arguments(0))
for i = 0 to max
if i mod 2 = 0 then
WSH.echo(i & " is an even number")
end if

The danger of endless loop is that it causes the computer to lock up. It also can cause programs like the browser to crash and lose all unsaved work. When a code keeps running in a loop without an exit condition or reaching max value, an endless or an infinite loop occurs. Endless loops can be avoided by limiting the number of loops by defining a max so a loop stops when reaching it. It also can be avoided by making sure the condition must be met by incriminating a number that controls the loop or by introducing a stop condition when a loop iteration exceeds certain time period.

Denial of service is a malicious attack that interrupts access to computer networks by making systems, machines, or network resources unavailable. Infinite loops are a major way hackers use to render systems unavailability and interruptions. "Successful exploitation could result in an infinite loop and CPU exhaustion on the host, leading to a system wide Denial of Service condition." ("Microsoft Windows SMBv2 Infinite Loop Denial of Service attack", 2009)


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