HCA352 Week 5 Discussion 1

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Week 5 -
Discussion 1 -
Risk Management and Electronic
Health Record (E.H.R.) Systems

This discussion has two options. Please choose either Option A or Option B to
respond to and indicate which option you chose.

Option A: General Hospital has determined that within three years, the
paper-based health record it currently uses will be replaced with an electronic
health record.  General prefers to have a vendor install a computer system
that allows for some tailoring to its institutional needs.  You are a
member of a committee that will evaluate and select the computer system. (Case
Study, p. 303)


1. From a risk
management standpoint, what are the benefits of implementing an electronic
health record system?

2. What legal issues should you raise to
the committee and hospital about possible barriers and problems to implementing
an electronic health record?

3. Assuming that those barriers and problems are resolved,
what legal issues should you address with the committee and hospital in the
evaluation and selection process?

Option B: Imagine you are a health information manager closely involved
with risk management at General Hospital, a teaching institution. 
Beginning this July, the hospital will incorporate presentations by hospital
employees into its Grand Rounds series of lectures.  You have been asked
to lecture covering risk management. Compose a presentation addressing the
legal aspects of risk management, particularly concentrating on patient record
requirements and incident reports. (Case Study, p. 275)

1. What are the
general principles of risk management and how do they relate to health
information management?

2. How do health information managers influence the risk
management process in implementing and enforcing policies related to patient
record requirements and incident reports?

3. What are the current trends in risk management?

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