Safety Program Management

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Review the following case scenario, and record a Techsmith video training presentation that provides an example of how to coach a co-worker observed not following the procedures discussed in the case scenario   

  • .Case Scenario
  • Wildcat Welding has hired new employees.  Joe is very excited about this new group of employees.  They are young, fresh out of the local college welding program, and eager to go to work.  The youngest of the group is an 18 year old, his parents put him through the dual-credit program where he could learn how to weld to help repair things around their farm. Everyone else in the shop is at a minimum five to eight years older.  Joe realizes he is going to have to keep an eye on "Jr".  Jr, however, turns out to be the least of Joe's worries.The second week on the job, Joe notices Jr. is welding on top of a horizontal tank. He has moved from welder's helper to welder in less than a week and works hard to stay "up" with the more experienced welders. Joe also notices,  Jr. has on a safety harness and lanyard tied off to the tank ladder (attached ladder), welding hood, steel toes, FR shirt and pants, gloves, and leather gauntlets.  While Joe is watching Jr. weld on the tank, Joe notices Jr.'s arm is on fire.  Then, he glimpses Ruben running out from behind the tank back towards the side of the shop. Jr. notices the fire and puts himself out before Joe could get over to him.  Joe asks Jr. if everything is okay.  Jr. tells him that he isn't burned but just singed his shirt.  He also tells Joe that he will be more careful - he just doesn't know how he caught his shirt on fire like that. Joe laughs it off, and tells Jr. that he is doing fine, and that he can't count the number of times he has burned his shirts welding.  Joe goes back to the office. You walk out on the floor while you are inspecting the facility for hazards and notice Ruben running back up behind Jr.'s tank with a can of ether in his hand.  He climbs up a few steps on the ladder, and sprays the ether up Jr.'s arm. The vapors from the ether catch, and burn a line up Jr.'s arm and underneath his welding hood.  Jr. jumps, and slides off the side of the tank and is left dangling trying to put the fire out. Joe comes out into the shop to find out what the commotion is, and helps rescue Jr.  You explain to Joe what is going on, and he explodes on Ruben.  Later, Joe asks you to train their employees on coaching techniques when they observe a co-worker acting un-safe.
  • NOTES:
    • Write a few questions that you would present to Ruben, while trying to coach him on his risky behaviors.
    • Your video should be less that five minutes long.  You may have someone stand in as "the co-worker" where you don't have to play both rolls.
    • Techsmith - if you have not used Fuse or Techsmith before, please see the syllabus to set up your account.
    • Have compassion! Make a concerted effort to coach your co-worker, make sure you are not "chewing" them out.
  • (2)  Read the attached article.Warren Anderson Died Unpunished Survivors of Bhopal Gas Tragedy SayConsider the module reading in comparison to the actions of Warren Anderson.Create a one-page creative graphic that summarizes what the leadership actions of management should be versus the actions of Warren Anderson.Include the following:

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Safety Program Management
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•A welding organization known as wildcat Welding has hired new

•Some employees are professionals and have experience but one
among them is a recent recruit and he is young.
•His presence help the organization realize that employees lack
safety management skills and the ability to coach their peers.
•My task is to coach Reuben, one of the employees how to improve
on his risky behavior.

•One of the most important aspect at the workplace is safety.
•When working in a welding organization, are you conversant with the many
risks and health dangers that you are exposed to?
•When one of your colleagues is exposed to a risk like the previous
incidence where Jr. caught fire on the arm, what procedures should you
undertake as his colleague to help improve his situation?
•Are you conversant with the right gear that you should ensure you are on
when working in order to enhance safety and remain safe in the workplace?

•In order to remain safe from any risks in the workplace, it is
appropriate to understand what accidents could occur.
•Although there are a number of risks, the most common ones
include electric shock, fires and explosions, fumes from gases and
physical injuries among others.

•To remain safe, every employee should be conversant with how to
respond when any of the risks occur.
•You should thus ensure that you read carefully the safety
measures described for every ...

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