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Expert Report Note: there are no group writing assignments in this class, and all written work will be completed independently. You will submit your Expert Report (sentence outline format) to this assignment. Preparation To prepare for this assignment, you must: • • • • • read the UNC handouts on Introductions (Links to an external site.) and Conclusions (Links to an external site.) read the "How to create a sentence outline" and "Sentence outline skeleton" documents read Porket, J. L. (2003). The Pros and Cons of Government Regulation. Economic Affairs Harlow London, (4), 48-54. [available on course reserves] scan Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, Chapters 4 & 6 conduct research on your agreed-upon area of expertise (either Political or Environmental). A set of resources has been collected for you to use to get started. These resources can be found in the "Pages" section of Canvas, and are credible sources. You may find that your work requires additional research or support. In this case, students must ensure that their sources are credible and up to date. Purpose The communication assignments in this course aim to develop communication skills that students will need in their professional lives. Students will study, analyze, and synthesize information and research through independent and group learning contexts, and will use both oral and written communication to do this work. Through these assignments, students will develop skills that will help them excel in their professional endeavors. Targeted skills include: argumentation; analysis; organization; presentation skills; and small group and interpersonal communication skills. Goals This assignment has two goals: 1. to complete research and analysis necessary for plant location decision making 2. to complete analysis that will be a contributing factor in the final recommendation for plant location in the Executive Summary assignment at the end of this course Objectives The objectives of this assignment include: submitting your report to this assignment; organization; research; analysis; argument building; making a case Overview You will submit your Expert Report to this assignment. In your final communication assignment for this course, you will make a recommendation regarding where a new wind turbine manufacturing facility should be built: The United States (Iowa), or Denmark? Your recommendation will be based on the research, analysis, comparison, and decision making that you and your team conduct throughout the semester. For this assignment, you will take a deep dive into one of the following areas, becoming your team's expert in that area (you will have already decided each team member's focus in the first workshop): Politics or Environment. You will research the various aspects of your area for both the United States and Denmark, and make comparisons and conduct analysis that will be key in your team's final recommendation. The research and analysis you conduct for this assignment will contribute to your official facility location recommendation at the end of the semester. Please note: This is NOT a team assignment. Students will conduct independent research and analysis, and will synthesize information and write their own individual reports, using their own brains and thoughts. Topic Choice In your first meeting, your team will have decided which team members will focus on which topic: Political or Environmental. Every team must have at least two team members focusing on each topic. You will find the instructions and requirements for each individual topic in the "Pages" section of Canvas. Political: Specific Description and Requirements Environmental: Specific Description and Requirements • Rubric Expert Report Rubric Expert Report Rubric Criteria This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWord count The report is at least 500 words. This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroduction Ratings 3.0 pts Full Marks 3.0 pts Full Marks The report begins with a clear and concise introduction that sets up the purpose and contents of the report and includes a clear thesis. 0.0 pts No Marks 1.5 pts Partial Marks An introduction is included, but the thesis is missing or unclear. 0.0 pts No Marks The introduct but it is not re sufficiently in This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis 10.0 pts Full Marks The analysis is well-organized, with appropriate headers and subheads. It compares the issues related to your area of expertise in each country, and logically presents arguments for how those issues might affect policy and business decisions that might ultimately affect the decision for plant location. The analysis cites at least five sources using in-text citations that follow the citation style agreed upon by the group. 5.0 pts Partial Marks The analysis is lacki criteria: not well org in each country; doe issues might affect p required amount of s Expert Report Rubric Criteria This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeVisuals This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConclusion This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWorks Cited Total Points: 25.0 Ratings 3.0 pts Full Marks The report includes at least one visual (graph, chart, or figure) in the body of the analysis. The visual(s) are relevant and labeled properly, with a title and axes labels, and they aid in the communication and understanding of issues or ideas. Visuals should appear where they support the report contents (not necessarily at the end of the report). 3.0 pts Full Marks The report includes a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas of the analysis and presents a recommendation based on the analysis. The recommendation will be based solely on the research you conducted for your area of expertise and will draw a logical conclusion on plant location. 1.5 pts Partial Marks Visual(s) are inclu not labeled prope communication a OR do not appear contents. 1.5 pts Partial Marks The report includes a conclu sufficiently summarize the m is not based solely on the res your area of expertise OR do conclusion on plant location 3.0 pts Full Marks At least five credible references are listed at the end of the report in the citation style that was agreed upon by the group. 0. N Th in
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Expert Report on Global Politics
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The politics of a country are closely related to the business environment that a company
faces when setting up operations and so determining the most suitable political environment is
essential. The United States and Denmark both have a democratic political climate where the
government has a system of checks and balances that check the policies implemented (Rugman,
& Verbeke, 2017). It is my view that the political environment in Denmark is better than the one
in the United States, and it offers more long term advantages of having operations in the country
compared to the benefits in the United States.
System of Government
The United States has a federal system of government with a president as head where

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