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Understanding the Middle East
Please respond to the following:
  • There are many myths and non-facts circulated about the Middle East that give us a false reality about the region and its people. Pick two facts from the chapter that you feel would give a different perspective about the region and its people to those who may have a false reality. Then, state why you picked these two facts. 

Counterterrorist Policies
Please respond to the following:
  • Why are counterterrorist policies often controversial? Give examples to support your answer.
  • Give your opinion about the use of counterterrorist tactics that very often look like terrorism itself. Explain whether you feel they are ever justified and state your rationale.


Web Presence (1-2 Paragraph per bullet)
Please respond to the following:
  • Research a company’s Website, specifically analyzing its Web presence, analyze the company’s overall Web presence using the objectives listed in Chapter 3 of the textbook. Explain areas in which the company is excelling and where improvement is needed.
  • Suggest strategies which would improve the firm’s Web presence, thus increasing overall business.

  • Identify a business Website with poor usability, explain your reasoning why the Website has poor usability. Propose suggestions on how the company could improve Website usability.
  • Pick any organization. Then, create a list of four criteria that would make its Website useful to users. Note: this is not about evaluating an existing Website; rather this is about thinking about its Website design.  

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