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Now that you have completed Essay #1, have read the Guidelines for Essay #2, and have read through the first three chapters of Watchmen, reflect on some things you'll need to work on in order to be successful on Essay #2. What are some habits or practices you can change this time around when working on Essay #2? Given that this time, you'll be writing a singular rhetorical analysis on a graphic novel, what are some things you can do to adapt your approach to this unique assignment? Come up with a list of 5-10 things you'll need to work on or keep in mind as you navigate the rest of this graphic novel in preparation for Essay #2. Be sure to use complete sentences, but bullet points or numbering is acceptable. Please aim for 100-200 words, and include this word count in your document. Please upload a .doc, .docx, or a .pdf file.

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Hey, I have finished the assignment. 😊 Please check it and et me know if you need anything added.

Point to Keep in Mind for Essay #2 (184 words)

To be successful on the second essay, the first action that I must take is to note of all the

Great study resource, helped me a lot.


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