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Final Assignment

The final PowerPoint assignment should demonstrate your knowledge, understanding, and beliefs regarding play and learning and your ability to discuss and implement these into practice.

    You have been asked to plan, design and implement a parent meeting for your early childhood education program which serves children up to five years of age. The purpose of this parent meeting (PowerPoint assignment) is to inform and educate parents on the importance of play in their child’s learning, growth and development. The PowerPoint should include a clear discussion of how play guides, enriches and is integrated into all aspects of your program’s curriculum. This PowerPoint assignment should be 20 - 25 slides in length.

    For this parent meeting (assignment), you will develop a PowerPoint that contains:

Title slide         Introduction         Definition of play/Personal beliefs regarding play         Discussion of the characteristics of play          Information for parents about what theorists say about play, including:          Theories of children’s play             Value of observation and interpretation as methods used to study and foster children’s play             Stages of development/Stages of play (solitary, parallel and group/collective)             The role of play in children’s emerging understanding of cultural diversity, and the role of play in enriching peer interactions and learning with children with special needs. Identify how play impacts children’s development and learning, including specific examples of play and:         Social development             Emotional development             Intellectual development  Define and give examples of spontaneous, guided and directed play         Share examples of play-generated curriculum and curriculum-generated play          Conclusion: Concluding thoughts on the value of play in children’s lives          Reference slide (APA Style)

In the notes section of each slide, please include an explanation or brief discussion of the content.
    You must use a minimum of three resources in addition to the required text. In the notes section of each slide, please include an explanation or brief discussion of the content

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