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1. please write me this discussion and 2 responsessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for game class

2. please write me a discussion and 2 response for this marketing class

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As Chief Financial Officer, discuss your critical thinking process upon seeing the Q1 financial statements for the first time. What decisions did your review lead you to reevaluate for Q2 and why? Did the cash flow statement show you were about to take an “Emergency Loan” and what did you adjust to avoid it or pay it back this quarter? For example - Did you have to make any adjustments to the brands you designed last quarter, such as creating too many or too few after seeing the Research and Development costs? Did that cause you to change or add brands this quarter? As you read about your peers’ thought process and strategy, suggest other facets or scenarios they may not have considered. Your initial response to the prompt above should be 3-4 sentences at a minimum, in order to be thoughtful and thorough with your ideas and communicating your understanding. Don't forget to respond to at least 2 classmates by Sunday to earn full credit for this Professionalism score. Based on examples from one of the recommended articles selected by you, the lecture notes, the text, and other sources, discuss one or several of the themes: strategic decision making in organizations, strategic decision success in organizations, evaluation of strategic decisions – the VRIO framework, management cycles and business decisions in organizations. Student 1: The VIRO technique is considered as a “textbook approach” to help managers perform better in strategic decision making. It evaluates the attributes of a firm’s resources and capabilities in terms of its value, rarity, the difficulty of imitation, and the degree of exploitation of the firm (Knott, et al, 2015). The assessments of the value of the firm’s resources and capabilities determine whether the strategies can improve their effectiveness and efficiency. For example, Amazon provides the next-day delivery, discounts on books and other hardware and code-activated lockers services for students via establishing Amazon Campus. This strategy leads Amazon to improving the services for students effectively and efficiently, which reduces customers’ waiting time and the threat of theft. For the rarity, Amazon Campus is considered as rare since Amazon campus can guarantee the next-day delivery service for students, but the traditional campus bookstores cannot. Additionally, Amazon Campus discounts on textbooks in comparison with traditional bookstores that save students money. The services of Amazon Campus are also imperfectly imitable due to Amazon’s unique history on selling books. Amazon started from selling books online, its valuable experience, selling strategies and success are unique in the industry. Amazon is a well-organized firm since Amazon devotes to organize the whole process from sellers to customers to provide better users experience. Consequently, Amazon has the sustained competitive advantage in its industry, and that is the reason why Amazon is such successful. References: Knott, P., et al. (2015). Does VRIO help managers evaluate a firm’s resources? Management decision. 55(4), p.745-765. Retrieved from https://searchProquestcom.ezproxy.bu.edu/docview/1892225188?accountid=9676&rfr_id=info%3Axri %2Fsid%3Aprimo Rothaermel, F (2017). Amazon.com, Inc. Harvard Business Publishing Education. Retrieved from https://hbsp.harvard.edu/coursepacks/635763 Student 2: There is no doubt that organizations or companies may face a lot of negotiation in work. For example, when I was working in the advertising company, I always see my manager negotiate something with our client. The most common thing they negotiate is the price. How much budget can both agree always take a lot of time. Besides, client has a limited budget, so they want the price as low as possible. However, as company side, we hope the budget can be high enough. This is because we have to make money and we have to make a good quality advertisement (low budget can’t have good quality content). Therefore, strategic decision making plays a significant role in organizations. In order to make a great decision, the most crucial part is to control our emotion. According to the article, the side that is showing more anger often has a bad result. Therefore, a great negotiator is good at making counterpart feeling anxious and thus take advantage of it. However, if the negotiator is not good at controlling the anger, he or she should reach out for thirdparty negotiator. Since third-party negotiator may have more experience dealing with negotiation and most importantly, they don’t have a personal issue in the outcome. As a result, third-party negotiator can have better control in emotion and hence to bring out the excellent result. Reference Brooks, A. W. (2018, October 26). Emotion and the Art of Negotiation. Retrieved from https://hbr.org/2015/12/emotion-and-the-art-ofnegotiation ...
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Marketing Discussion: Evaluation of Strategic Decisions
In every organization, strategic management is attained through calculated decisions, a
process that is not only crucial but critically complex. Most of these strategic decisions are
usually made by top-level management officials as well as strategists; while the everyday
operational decisions are usually made by the departmental managers (Wolf and Steven 1757).
Generally, strategic decisions are made with the intention of contributing towards the
achievement of the organizational objectives and goals; as such every institution must implement
a defined strategy evaluation process for the approach ensures the senior management officials
assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the implemented comprehensive plans as well as
determine the possibility of the plans attaining the desired decisions. As the last step of the
strategic management process, evaluation of the strategic decisions is vital for it equips the
organization with the capacity to coordinate the departmental tasks in the subsequent fiscal
period, an aspect that yields better performance (Fort and Kelci 5).
Characteristics ...

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