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Business Ethics Movie Assignment

Task: 1 x 20-point view and analysis on a business ethics themed movie and 2 x 5-point responses on two classmate’s posts.  Due dates are according to the first letter of your last name: see below

Objective: for students to view a movie and to see the impact and prevalence of business ethics in one of the most ubiquitous articulations of popular culture: film


please see the separate list of suggested movies in “Files” under “Assignment Instructions”

list of BE movies (Wolf of Wall Street works)

please view a movie that you have not already seen

if you have an idea for a movie that is not on the list, feel free to run it by me


post up your movie analysis in the appropriate area of the homepage; cut and paste it rather than attaching it as a document

length 1.5 pages--single spaced (length is checked, and points will be deducted for failure to comply)

  • in your post give a plot summary, identify relevant quotes, and raise issues and pose questions.
  • 11-point Times New Roman font

Include an informal works referenced/cited page

  • post up your movie analysis and responses on the home page under “Discussions”/“Business Ethics Movie Assignment”
  • Grading:

spend 1-2 paragraphs giving a general plot summary/film synopsis

identify and discuss the business ethics issue(s) present in film and analyze it (them) as much as possible using material and language that you have been exposed to in this class

directly refer to authors and theories from our text; make at least two direct references to authors or theories from our text

  • give references to authors and theories from our text that have some depth and detail
  • identify three important quotes in the movie and use them as the basis of your analysis
  • select quotes that give your reader insight into the meaning of the film and quotes that illuminate the business ethics issue present in the film
  • to get the other 10 points, respond in a substantive and meaningful way—in two paragraphs each--to two classmates. it’s fine to compliment what they have written, but you must also be constructively critical: for example: point out grammar mistakes, formatting, spelling; anything that in your opinion would go towards improving their paper; maybe they need to add more references to course material, or better explain the references that are there. Basically, find something that needs to be improved and "gently" let them know.
  • if the response to classmate is of adequate length but missing constructive criticism, that will result in a -2 penalty.
  • say what your own thoughts on the movie are and try to address the questions/issues raised by the original poster. But it is important that you directly refer to what your classmate wrote.

Post up your movie analysis and responses on the home page link entitled “Post Business Ethics Movie Analysis” at prescribed times over the course of the semester.  Your post time depends on the first letter of your last name.  I do this so that we do not get everyone posting at the same time. late penalties accrue as follows: 1 day = 10%, 2 days = 15%, 3 days =25%.  No submissions accepted after 3 days.

First letter of last name I-Q post prior to Sept 30

First letter of last name A-H post due Oct 31

  • First letter of last name R-Z due Nov 30
  • Attention: post your paper well before the midnight deadline so that classmates will have an opportunity to comfortably read and comment on your post.  If you have posted on time and are waiting for a classmate to post, do not fret: eventually, your classmate will post.  I will accept comments on classmate’s posts up to 24 hours after the due date without penalty.

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Here is the paper.


Business Ethics Movie Assignment
Student’s Name




Business Ethics Movie: The Margin Call
General Plot Summary
The ‘Margin Call’ is a thrilling movie set in a fictional investment bank in Manhattan
recording the last occurrences of events at the organization just before the 2008 financial crisis
started looming. It has been directed and written by J. C. Chandor. The movie begins with a
massive round of reduction of individual workers in the organizations. One of the people to be
fired is Eric Dale, the risk financial analyst of the organization. He hands over a storage disk to
Peter Sullivan, a young former rocket scientist and instructs him to go through the information
contained in the disc as it reveals some disturbing news. Instead of joining the rest of the
colleagues in the celebrations of retaining their jobs, Peter stays behind to look into the files. He
gets some disturbing revelation and is forced to call back two of his colleagues to the office.
From the figures and analysis of the information from the disc, it was apparent that the bank was
on the edge of closure due to the worthless ...

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