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THE ULTIMATE GIFT Student Projects: Select one of the following projects to complete after you have read the novel. Each project should be presented thoughtfully and well to the class. 1. THE GIFTS From the gift of work, the gift of giving, the gift of money, the gift of learning, or the gift of family, choose a gift to receive by fulfilling the criteria designated by Red Stevens. Allow yourself a time frame of at least two weeks in order to earn the gift. Share with the class the following information: (1) The actual time frame involved (include hours) (2) A description of what you did. Be as specific as possible. (e.g. If money or time on a task is involved, include the dollar amount or the number of hours and the task.) (3) Who or what was impacted by your effort. (4) An explanation of how you personally benefited from the gift. Use your imagination to find a method to illustrate and present this information in an interesting way (e.g. a storyboard, a PowerPoint, YouTube, a live person, a video clip, etc.) 2. BECOMING WHOLE Prepare a speech for Jason Stevens to deliver to one of the charities he will be in charge of. The speech should be motivational and prepare people to deal with how accepting the effort involved in receiving the gifts will change their lives. 3. JASON’S JOURNAL The year between Red Steven’s death and Jason’s first gift to Jason’s last gift and the Ultimate gift was a time of many challenges and great growth for him. Imagine you are Jason. Write a series of five diary entries that capture the most important changes you (as Jason) experienced during that time. 4. POETRY EXPRESSION Write a poem that offers a character’s reflection on some event in the book. Try to capture the character’s feeling and philosophy. You may want to set your poem to music or illustrate it with drawings. 5. DRAMATIC INTERPRETATION Alone, or with a partner, present a scene or an event from the book and act it out. You may want to portray it exactly like the book or create your own interpretation. You may present your scene live or videotaped or on YouTube. Costumes and props are optional. 6. INTERNET RESEARCH POWERPOINT Use the internet to research Jim Stovall and The Ultimate Gift. Provide substantive information, such as why he wrote the book and what his background is. How does he feel about the gifts he has created? What is his message to the reader? What do critics say about the book? How do readers interpret the book? Share your internet results in a PowerPoint presentation to the class. Include at least one page from your internet search. Show connections between Stovall’s life and the novel. 7. MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION Create a multimedia presentation for The Ultimate Gift. You may wish to present a scene or an event from the novel; you may wish to illustrate one of the themes of the novel; you may wish to demonstrate the various sides of one of the major characters; or you may wish to decide on your own presentation strategy. 8. ART OR MUSIC Draw or paint a work of art or compose original lyrics to illustrate or accompany some aspect of the novel. 9. ULTIMATE GIFT COMMERCIAL Write a commercial for The Ultimate Gift. The purpose of the commercial could be to promote the novel, or it could be to advertise a product or gift that might be created or discovered in attaining one or more of the gifts involved with the ultimate gift. You might advertise a certain book or resource that might help with the gift of learning. You might think of a certain food or pill that might give energy to those attempting to receive the gift of work to make them more powerful or pleasant. A particular bath product or cologne might be especially good for use with the gift of love. Your commercial should include a product, a slogan or a song, and, of course, exciting pictures. 10. SCRAPBOOKING Design a scrapbook of a character, the gifts, or an event from The Ultimate Gift. Assemble appropriate pictures, annotations, and other materials to make the scrapbook attractive come to life. 11. GIFTS DIORAMA In a box about the size of a shoebox, create a three-dimensional miniature scene of one or more of the gifts, the boys’ home, the library in South America, or of the conference room with colored figures and background. Others would be able to view the scene through a peephole. 12. GIFTS MOBILE Create a mobile of the gifts that led to the ultimate gift. 13. ULTIMATE GIFT GAME Create a game about some aspect of the novel. Include the rules and strategy. Be prepared to play the game with the class. ...
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