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Fix the below paragraph. Re-type it into a Word document and make corrections. Things to look for include:  Are there comma splices? If so, fix them.  Are there commas after transition words? If not, fix this.  Are all of the sentences complete (independent) sentences? If not, fix them.  Are there commas after introductory material? If not, fix this . I had a frightening dream last night, I dreamed that I was walking high up on an old railroad trestle. It looked like the one I used to walk on recklessly. When I was about ten years old. At that height my palms were sweating just as they did when I was a boy. I could see the ground out of the corners of my eyes, I felt a sickening, swooning sensation. Suddenly I realized there were rats below. Thousands upon thousands of rats. They knew I was up on the trestle, they were laughing. Because they were sure they would get me. Their teeth glinted in the moonlight, their red eyes were like thousands of small reflectors. Which almost blinded my sight. Sensing that there was something even more hideous behind me. I kept moving forward. However I realized that I was coming to a gap in the trestle. There was no way I could stop or go back I would have to cross over that empty gap. I leaped out in despair. Knowing I would never I make it. And felt myself falling helplessly down to the swarm of rejoicing rats. Finally I woke up bathed in sweat. Half expecting to find a rat in my bed.
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