Houston College Womens Issues Over the Course of The Last Three Centuries HW



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Houston College Womens Issues Over the Course of The Last Three Centuries HW
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The Trajectory of Women Issues
The role of women and the issues facing them have evolved, as reflected through
different writing eras. Indeed, different writers in history have depicted women in different lights
depending on the issue of the time. Despite the inequality against women writers in history, their
contribution to the depiction of women cannot be overlooked. In the Romantic era, women were
objectified through writings contributing to unfair treatment. Similarly, the Victorian era was
characterized by an unending debate on the role of women that was tilted in favor of men. That
notwithstanding, writers such as Elizabeth Barrett, spoke about the rights of women and
contributed towards the proliferation of feminism. The modern era has also portrayed women as
drivers of social change and the search for equality. Ultimately, the contribution of women
writers has contributed to the depiction of issues affecting women over ...

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