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You are preparing to meet with your end users to discuss possible strategies for converting their old ERP system to a new one. Propose two (2) or three (3) alternative strategies, and explore related examples of situations for which each approach would be preferred and required.

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In choosing new enterprise resource planning system, implementation is every bit as important as finding the right program. You should be thinking about it proactively when evaluating systems, you should raise the topic with prospective vendors and even ask for examples of their customers’ strategies. There are hundreds of articles on “best practices” for implementing ERP software, but understanding each strategy and choosing the best option is difficult. So, we set out to consolidate the information in a single guide. My aim is to give you enough information  and the most important pieces  to choose the best implementation process for your organization. I’ll cover the three most widely discussed ERP implementation strategies:

  • Big bang - Implementation happens in a single instance. All users move to the new system on a given date.
  • Phased rollout - Changeover occurs in phases over an extended period of time. Users move onto new system in a series of steps.
  • Parallel adoption - Both the legacy and new ERP system run at the same time. Users learn the new system while working on the old.

Survey Results
  I recently hosted/researched  a survey to find out which ERP implementation strategies are the most popular and most successful. With the help of Twitter and our favorite industry bloggers, I received 45 responses from organizations that have been involved in an implementation. My survey was brief and informal with just four simple questions:

  • Which implementation strategy did your organization choose? Big bang, phased rollout, parallel adoption, combo of big bang and phased rollout, or other.
  • If you selected other, please describe the strategy you chose.
  • Was the implementation a success?
  • If you selected no, please explain why.

When it comes to ERP implementations, these questions skim the surface. We understand a myriad of questions and answers would be required to learn when it’s appropriate to choose a certain strategy. Additionally, we realize reporting the “most successful strategy” would be erroneous. While one strategy may work for a majority of companies, it may not be the best strategy for your organization

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