OL328 Southern New Hampshire Milestone Two Leadership Chart

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This is the second part of the final project. We are continuing the leadership chart, and also responding to the following prompts in a paper, similar to the last time

Analyze how you will use the Challenge the Process and Enable Others to Act practices to improve the three leadership areas that you selected in Module One.

 Select one leadership theory you reviewed in this course and analyze how it will help you with the leadership areas you selected. Note: The following leadership theories were initially discussed in the module 2 resources: transformational, authentic, and servant leadership. The following leadership theories were initially discussed in the module 3 resources: situational, contingency, and path-goal.

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Leadership Development Action Plan

Module 2

OL 328 Leadership Development Action Plan
In Module One, complete the first two columns in the table below. In the first column (Leadership Areas for Improvement), list three areas that you would like to focus on in
developing yourself as a leader (such as communication skills, time management, delegation skills, feedback skills, team-building, etc.).In the second column (Reason for the
Chosen Areas), explain why you have chosen each of the areas.
In Modules Two through Six, you will create an outline of the components (at least three) from the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership that will improve your chosen
leadership areas.
Save a copy of this file to your computer so you can continue to make updates throughout the course. You must update this document every week. You will use the information
you enter below to formulate an action plan for your final project.
Module One
Leadership Areas for
Reason for the
Chosen Areas
Area 1: Delegating/
Usually, I would try
to do everything
myself, instead of
entrusting others to
do the task. This
sometimes leads to
me being
overwhelmed and
ultimately slows
down th...

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