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How will you ensure that there is a right fit, business and finance homework help

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How will you ensure that there is a right fit between an applicant and a position that you are filling?

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The procedure of making sure that a candidate for a job will be a good cultural fit for your organization is at times very difficult and the following three steps are very necessary. Ideally, the first two steps should be completed even before the process of reviewing the resumes commences. The third step is carried out once you have noticed several strong candidates. The three key steps are:

Assess your organization’s culture

Define what you are looking for in a senior manager beyond just the job description

Learn about a potential candidate’s personality and work style

Assess your organization’s culture

When the thought of finding the perfect individuals for your organization, you have to first understand the culture of your organisation and the workstyle that is used there. Then evaluate the qualities of the candidate at hand and see whether they can be productive under such conditions.

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