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The tenant agrees that the landlord did contact him, but the tenant claims there was not sufficient notice. The landlord is able to show months of texts and notes begging for the rent from the tenant. What are the legal considerations you would evaluate to determine the claims of the tenant and the landlord? In whose favor would you rule, and why? Be sure to support your legal analysis. Woman, 98, Evicted From San Francisco Apartment After 50 Years

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The law of contract is enforceable, if all the parties to the contract have contractual capacity, and that all the elements of contract were available at the time when the two parties were entering into contract. In our case, there exist a contract, and one party, which is the tenant has failed to perform their responsibility according to their agreement, which is paying the rent.

If the tenant can prove beyond doubt that he or she served the tenant with the notice asking for the payment, then the tenant is entitled to be compensated. This is because, the tenant has an obligation to pay the rent when it is due, and any notice which is about reguesting for payment should be honored, no matter how sufficient.

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