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If each vase/arrangement has 10 flowers, and 2/10 of the flowers are daisies, then there are 2 daisies per arrangement. If she makes 4 arrangements, then you should multiply 4 arrangements times 2 daisies, so 8 daisies total. 8 daisies is the answer.

To check, see if the ratio of the total number of daisies to the total number of flowers is 2/10, like it should be. To find the total number of flowers, multiply the number of arrangement (4) by the number of flowers per arrangement (10). There are 40 total flowers. There are 8 total daisies. 8/40 simplifies to 2/10 (you can divide 8 and 40 by 4 to simplify), so the ratio is correct and the check works. 8 daisies is the correct answer.

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