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I am the lead internal consultant and I have to Write a memo to the department heads of Pegasus to describe the goals of the change initiative which is reorganization include

1. Gain the trust of the department heads by offering a clear explanation of the need for change

2. Briefly outline the steps you may use to facilitate this change process

3. Describe how you would like to involve the department heads with this process

Deliverable length 1,000 words APA format min of two references

BOOK: Managing Organizational Development and Change by McgrawHill

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You are an internal consultant directed to plan the reorganization for Pegasus Company, a large aerospace research and development company. You work in the human resource development (HRD) department and have three direct reports. Your team has never experienced reorganization, and you will be responsible for coaching them as well as facilitating the reorganization itself. The goal for you and the HRD team is to help Pegasus remain effective and efficient in today's competitive marketplace. Pegasus is widely known for its wind tunnel research technology. Scale models of new products (planes, helicopters, jets, space shuttles, etc.) are tested for imperfections, safety, and practicality. Pegasus is comprised of engineers, computer-aided design (CAD) designers, scientists, model makers, and administrative staff. The company started out small and has grown rapidly over the past few years. With that growth came the company's organization into departments by skill group (e.g., engineering, design, R&D). By now, people in different skill groups do not communicate to each other except to pass along designs, projects, and other pertinent ideas to complete project goals. This has caused many problems in the past because each type of worker has his or her own language for his or her subculture of the organization. Therefore, projects take a long time to complete because of mistakes in the plans, redoing the mistakes, and failing to take into account the specifications of the scientists and engineers by the CAD designers because they have not been clearly communicated. The administration and leadership of the organization lack good skills in interpersonal communications because of their heavy science background, and they also need leadership training in the form of management and executive development. The culture of the organization has been what has kept most people there, not the compensation. In the past, the organization was open, nonhierarchical, and it enabled employees to pursue their professional passions. The main piece of the culture of Pegasus that has always led to retention of employees is that the employees feel as though their jobs are their life and that they have accountability for their part to the greater whole of whatever project on which they are working. Many employees feel like the company is disintegrating because of the difficulties in communication which, in turn, makes it more difficult to get the projects completed in a timely manner. This is leading to rumblings among the staff about leaving Pegasus. Because Pegasus is located in a highly concentrated technical area of the country, there are other companies that pay better and seem to be more competitive for contracts. The leaders of Pegasus are afraid of losing their best and brightest employees and feel the pressing need to streamline their organization to remain effective, efficient, and competitive. You, as the lead internal consultant, are first tasked with restructuring the organization. This may mean a reduction in force (RIF). You hope you can restructure without a RIF. You will also need to bring the various teams of employees together and teach them communication skills, process skills, and leadership skills that can hold the company together. You have your work cut out for you.
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Pegasus Reorganization Plan




Pegasus Reorganization Plan
Gathering viable information to conduct a reorganization of a company’s structure is
essential for the plan to be successful. Change is an inevitable process for all those involved, and
if done efficiently, the organization will notice positive benefits with the outcomes. The climate
of the company can be best determined and developed by identifying the structural processes that
employees feel are inadequately meeting their needs and what the company expects as a result.
The changing process can be conducted through many transformations and is conducted through
a systematic analysis, developing a plan, and ensuring that the goals of the company and those
involved will be met as the outcome of the reorganization (Dhir, 2019). Although Pegasus has a
highly developed cultural outlook that employees find acceptable, it isn’t the compensation plans
that are keeping them there. Communication barriers have evolved significantly in the company,
and employees feel that given the lack of communication process, this is hindering the company
from meeting their overall objectives.
I want to request your involvement with the reorganizational change. This would help to
facilitate the shift to bring about positive effects for not only the company, but the employees to
ensure they feel respected and appreciated by the company. Employees are essential in
maintaining and with a lack of respect for them, this could lead to lower productivity levels as
well as higher turnover rates; which Pegasus doesn’t want to experience any further adverse
effects these processes have caused. It is essential in determining a reorganization of the
communication and process skills as well as including leadership skills (Benzer, Charns,
Hamdan, & Afable, 2017). Increasing these skills will ensure a positive outlook for the future of

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