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Unformatted Attachment Preview 27D0558FCC2ED0 The Venetian Twins Some ideas for posting topics: o o o o o What Commedia characters do you see represented in this play? Which are combinations of characters? What do you think of the casual treatment of death in this play? What stylistic differences do you notice in the acting of this play as opposed to say, St. Joan? Have you seen or read other plays or films where the humor revolves around mistaken identity? This type of play relies on situation comedy. What does "sitcom" mean to you? 2368AF27D0558FCC2ED0 Way Of The World Try posting on these topics: o o o o o Did you find any of these characters at all sympathetic? Why or why not? Did you find the density and complexity of the language fun or frustrating? What do you suppose would have been the reaction of contemporary London audiences to this play? Would they have seen themselves reflected in the characters? What relationships did you notice between the characters' names and their defining qualities? How did the denouement or declining action contribute to the comic impact? Tarbrush 27D0558FCC2ED0 Some ideas for posting topics: o o o o o The fate of the character, Tarbrush can be described as "ironic". What is irony in drama? This is an "adaptation" of a 17th Century play, Tartuffe. Read this plot synopsis and then comment on how the adaptation resembles or differs from the original. Moliere was himself an actor in the French Commedia. What Commedia roots do you detect in this play? Both Medford and Oedipus are laid low by their own shortsightedness. What makes one comic and the other tragic? Which of the other plays you've studied so far this semester can you envision being reset or adapted into another time? 2368AF27D0558FCC2ED0 St. Joan Some topics to help you with posting: o o o o o How does Shaw play with/against your emotional identification with the character of Joan? Are you aware of any "St. Joans" in contemporary world affairs? Why do you think Shaw appended the epilogue to this play? Were Joan's antagonists justified in opposing someone whose moral justification came from hearing the voices of Saints in the sound of churchbells? How does this play demonstrate Shaw's theory of the social hierarchy? 2368AF27D0558FCC2ED0 Siswe Bansi Is Dead o o o o o o The play opens with Stiles improvising from the day's newspaper. What sort of stories do you think the actor would choose for commentary in a present-day production. Of actors you are familiar with today, who would you cast in these roles? Now that apartheid is nearly two decades in the past, does this play still have any "bite"? What do you see as the underlying philosophical issues the play touches upon? If you have seen other work by Athol Fugard, how does this early piece compare? Is there anything about the plot construction or dialogue that evinces the improvisatory way the play was created? ...
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