i need a easy about the ted talk, the professor wants that we use the logos, phatos on the body paragraph he also want some examples and evidences

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ENC 11 01

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WP # 1 Prompt: Rhetorical Analysis

Now that you are familiar with rhetorical devices, you will compose a three-page essay that identifies, analyzes, and evaluates the claims of an argument.

For your essay, you will examine Van Jones’ TED Talk, “The Economic Injustice of Plastic,” to identify: 1) what rhetorical devices are used 2) argue whether these devices persuaded you to support or reject Jones’ idea.


  • Explain why a rhetorical device is effective or not; do not simply identify it.
  • Consider the reader’s needs when describing evidence or examples from the talk.
  • Use all your senses when breaking-down Jones’ arguments.
    • Creativity is always appreciated by your audience!


TED Talk:

TED Talk Transcript:

Rules and Guidelines:

  • All essays must conform to the academic writing rules and format of the genre to be accepted for grading.
  • Your essay must use:
    • 12-point font size
    • Times New Roman font
    • Double-spaced paragraphs
    • Proper heading and page numbers
    • 1-inch margins
  • Be sure to spellcheck and proofread your work to ensure credibility.
  • Rough drafts will be one to two pages in length; Final drafts will be three-pages in length.
  • Any draft that is submitted late will incur a half-letter grade deduction for every class day the assignment is late.
    • See your syllabus for deadlines and dropbox locations.
  • Cover the required length and matter of the essay.
  • You must use MLA format when citing evidence/quotes in your work.
  • Do not use any outside sources in your work.
    • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference texts included.
  • Consider the reader’s needs when writing your work.
  • See the grading rubric for further instructions on how to write an effective essay.

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Hello. I am through with the paper, I passed it through grammarly to ensure that grammar is perfect and also turnitin for plagiarism. The paper is good now. However, you can contact me in case you want anything more. pleasure working with you. goodbye

Student Name:
Rhetorical devices; the Ted Talk
Any time a speaker wants to inform, persuade, or argue a point out, they must employ
rhetoric devices. Rhetoric devices are words or rather linguistic tools that use a particular type of
sentence, sound pattern, and structure to evoke a specific reaction from the audience, to convey
meaning and persuade. Skilled writers and orators use many different types of rhetorical devices
in their work to achieve the effects as mentioned above. Some of the commonly used rhetorical
devices include alliteration; recurrence of initial consonant sound, allusion; reference to an event,
place or person, and many other devices depending on the topic in question. Van Jones’ lecturer
“, The Economic Injustice of Plastic,” is an excellent example of a talk that emulates the use of
numerous rhetorical devices to argue, p...

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