The Two Constitutional Presidencies

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Jeffrey Tulis, in "The Two Constitutional Presidencies," argues that there is a formal presidency and an informal presidency.  As a result, he states, "many of the dilemmas and frustrations of the modern presidency may be traced to the president's ambiguous constitutional station, a vantage place composed of conflicting elements."  

Comment on Tulis' thesis, with reference to a specific president. 


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The Two Constitutional Presidencies
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Article II of the constitution has the presidency’s political design. However, Jeffrey K.

Tulis thinks that there is an existence of two different constitutional presidencies. From time to
time, there is a close fit between the informal and the formal presidencies; a good example is
after the terrorist attacks on the US soil in September 2001. According to Tulis, there is always a
tension between the two constitutional presidencies. The two presidencies both agitate for one
value in the presidency, which is energy. Due to this, the conclusion that Tulis make is that

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