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so please i need a half page speech i will post the name and the major so you start the speech with it

then i will post the main points that i need you to include it in the speech .

- Ladies and gentlemen I am Nora Alruwaydhan I hold master degree in sociology from Mohammed abn soud University and I I’m studen PhD program in crime of sociology and i have also master in international affairs from Catholic University

- When I was in high school, I read Clash of Civilization, but at that time I didn't believe what the Pentagon said about culture and how culture would be the cause of conflict in the world. But I think culture has a important role to play in furthering the rapprochement of civilizations. Today, the cultural person is conscious and more understanding for the difference between the societies . and he has a ability to find the common concepts between us .as the humanity , Beauty , art .education, health and peace . today I’m here with National council to say we have a lot of amazing things we can do it for our world by cooperation and understanding each other.

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Writing a Speech

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am Nora Alruwaydhan. I hold a master's degree in sociology
from Mohammed abn soud University, and I'm student Ph.D. program in Crime of Sociology,
and i have also mastered in International Affairs from Catholic University.
The Pentagon depicted culture as a so...

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