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watch the video, The House We Live In.

  • Provide two specific examples of federal laws or Supreme Court rulings that were victories for the equality movements of the 1960s and 1970s and explain how they have contributed to spreading opportunity to a specific group of Americans.
  • Provide at least one specific example of continuing inequality and discuss how history can explain why it still exists.
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One example of a victory for inequality movements was the Women's Liberation Movement. This occurredduring the 1960's. Women where becoming more vocal about their rights and the unfairness of the waythey where treated and what they where/where not allowed to do compared to men. One of the biggestaccomplishments for women was when the FDA approved oral contraceptive for women which allowedthem to have control over their choice to reproduce. In 1963 the federal government amended the Equal.


Many Americans of goodwill who want to reduce poverty believe that race is no longer relevant to understanding the problem, or to fashioning solutions for it. This view often reflects compassion as well as pragmatism. But we cannot solve the problem of poverty -- or, indeed, be the country that we aspire to be -- unless we honestly unravel the complex and continuing connection between poverty and race.

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