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- From 3 to 4 pages essay.

- At least two paragraphs of each philosopher and one comparison paragraph.

- Must use at least two direct quotations of each philosopher from the book, analyze and compare them.

- Link to the pictures of the book:

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Essay Writing Guidelines The fundamentals of good writing can be sub-divided into four component parts; content, form, style and mechanics. Content refers to what you say. Form, style, etc., describe how you say it. An excellent paper demonstrates superior effort or accomplishment in all four categories simultaneously. Here is a brief catalogue of what to look for. Content. The information in your paper, including your research, your reflections or analysis of the data, and so on, should be accurate and relevant to the question(s) at hand. It should be well documented and/or referenced. Factual errors, lengthy digressions on irrelevant (or barely relevant) items, or arguments that are unsupported by logic or evidence count against you in this category. Form refers to the organization of your paper. Every paper should have an introductory paragraph that indicates what is in store for the reader, and a concluding paragraph that ties together the various threads of argument or analysis it makes use of along the way. As far as possible, it should also be free of excessive redundancy and repetition. Style refers to the clarity and coherence of your writing. Avoid awkward, vague or elliptical sentences which seem to hint at sophistication or profundity. More often than not, they suggest that your ideas are not yet fully formed or articulated – that you have not processed them sufficiently to defend them well and are, therefore, hiding behind an impressive façade. When summarizing another person’s ideas or attitudes, do not repeat them verbatim for long but, instead, use brief quotes and skillful paraphrases to keep things lively. Mechanics refers to grammar, spelling and punctuation. To avoid unnecessary errors like these proof read your paper several hours after it is finished, or better yet, ask someone else to proof read it for you. Grading Scale A (90-100) Excellent. This paper shows originality and a strong capacity for critical thinking. It is squarely on topic, contains no major factual errors, has been carefully proof read, and has very few (if any) grammatical or typographical errors. It is well organized and free of redundancy or repetition. The author has a firm grasp of the issues at hand, and, as a result, the central thesis or argument is both crystal clear and based on well-documented evidence and/or arguments that are cogent and persuasive. The author makes excellent use of the required texts and supplementary readings in making her case. B (80-89) Very good. The author shows a firm grasp of the issues, shows originality and a capacity for critical thinking, but the paper was not proof read properly, or contains significant factual errors, or fails to document sources or use supplementary research, etc. C (70-79) Good/average This paper covers the required reading and the overall subject matter competently, but suffers from repetition, redundancy, poor introductory or concluding paragraphs, absent or inconsistent use of references, citations, too many factual or typographical errors, etc., often and despite evidence of some originality and critical thinking. Alternatively, this may be an B paper that fails to meet minimum page length requirements, veers slightly “off course,” or does not really address the issues at hand. D (60-69) Below average. Same as above, but the content is weaker, the thesis sketchier, and there is very little evidence of supplementary research, critical thinking or originality of perspective. Alternatively, the paper may have some of the qualities of a somewhat better paper, but fails to meet minimum page length requirements and/or strays far from the questions or issues at hand. F (0-59) Unsatisfactory. No evidence of supplementary research, critical thinking or originality. Moreover, this paper either fails to address some important issues, or does so only in an inaccurate, confused or confusing way. ...
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Plato and Anselm Philosophies




Plato and Anselm Philosophies
Philosophy is one of the broadest subjects around the world, as well as complex. In a
way, philosophy finds ways to explain the outcome and drives of various aspects of life.
Defining philosophy is hard as compared to other phenomena even then different definitions
have been created throughout the years. Philo- means love, while Sophos means wisdom. With
this knowledge, we can then go ahead and define philosophy as the rational search for
explanations of different aspects of life and how it is. Many philosophers have come up with
factors that provide information and knowledge of different aspects. One of the major
philosophers were Plato and Anselm. Despite the two being great philosophers, they shared very
little of their ideologies and thoughts.
Despite many influential people during the time of Plato, he chose to stick and follow
Socrates, who was a poor man by that time. His original name was Aristotle’s, which was
changed by one of his teachers to Plato. Out of all the tutors, he settled for Socrates and followed
him around, but his main trait was the fact that he asked too many questions that annoyed many.
Some of the various questions that he asked came to be very important even to the rest of the
philosophers who came after him. Some of his strong arguments were on leadership and
governance which he portrayed in the Republic. “In a similar way, Plato compares the statesman
to a doctor. We would never entrust our body’s health to anybody. …..and for that reason,
governance will be by the few: the few who are wise” here he argued that as long as someone
had the right wisdom in a form, then they would easily choose what is good and moral. If one



does not know then how can they be moral? To him, the best and happiest life is one that is well
“Imagine a blind woman who wanders around this way and that way, it just so happens
that her corresponding to a bend of the day….those who can see the road have a reason to turn a...

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