Questions regarding spiritual formation. book reference: kenneth boa, conformed to his image: biblical and practical approaches to spiritual formation.Answers does not have to be long , but should be your own answer.No plagarisim.

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Complete all the questions listed below plagarisim please.

1. What are the 12 facets of Spirituality?

2. Relational Spirituality means we should love _________,  __________ and _________.

3. What are 3 dominant world views?

4. What is a paradigm?

5. What are the values of temporal and eternal?  (write down at least 5)

6.  Our P__________ shape our P____________ and 

our P__________ shapes our P____________ and

our P__________ shape our P___________.

7. What are the benefits of practicing the spiritual disciplines? (write down at least 5) 

8. What are 20 disciplines?

9. What are Horizontal and vertical motivators?

10. Why should we pray? (write down at least 5)

11. How can we enhance our practice of prayer?  (write down at least 5) 

12. What does it mean to have a new identity in Christ?

13. What are God’s characteristics? ( write down at least 5)

14. What are our God-created needs?

15. How can we meet our needs?

16. What are characteristics of law and grace?  (write down at least 5)  

17. What are the 7 motivators in Scripture?

18. What are 6 different ways to intake the word of God (Bible)?

19. What are 4 ways to learn to pray?

20. True or False?

- Jesus expects us to pray :

                 -  God’s word makes it clear :

- Prayers will be answered :

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Question one

Having a corporate spirituality.


Growing spirituality/nurturing


Spirit filled



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