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This assignment is asking about my community so the one community I would like to use would be the African American Community.

Write a two- to- three- page paper (excluding title and reference pages) that identifies a problem faced by your community. Discuss how a model of community change could be implemented to improve the problem.

  1. Describe six features of your community (e.g., cultural make up, size, and locality).
  2. Define the problem (e.g., obesity, environmental pollution, teenage pregnancy, graffiti, truancy, gangs, drugs, child labor, or insufficient educational programs) and explain why the problem is detrimental to the community.
  3. Select a model of community change identified in the textbook and explain how it could be implemented to improve the problem.
  4. Identify:
    1. At least three aspects of the problem you think that the model will be most successful at solving and provide reasoning as to why.
    2. At least three aspects of the problem you think that the model will struggle to solve and provide reasoning as to why.

The bulk of your paper should focus on the third component above (the model of community change). Your paper must include a minimum of two scholarly sources and be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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Community Models Applied: The Black Community in CA
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Community Models Applied: The Black Community in CA
The African America community currently makes up 6.5% of the total residents of
California, according to the United States Census Bureau (2018). In San Diego, more specifically,
Black individuals make up 5.5% of the population, putting the city close to the state’s rate (Census,
2018). The history of the African American population in the Western Coast, particularly the urban
areas of California, can be traced back to the early twentieth century mass migration of Black
individuals from the Southern states (Black, et al., 2015). The purpose of the movement was to
escape the racist treatment of the South, but, other locations would not offer much relief from this
burden. With segregation in place, Black individuals would be restricted from most American
spaces. Because of this isolation and the shared experience of being Black in the United States, the
seemingly separated Black community would come to forge a distinguishable culture of their own.
Today, keeping this culture alive is a very important element for many African Americans
(Mtambuzi, 2016). This joint culture would bring together individuals from a diversity of
backgrounds. Likewise, today, the de facto segregation in most of the urban environments of the
nation have led to the creation of multicultural hubs where culture can be created and disseminated
across (Logan, 2013). While the development of a rich culture might showcase some positivity,
the paradigm remains bleak for the Black community. To this day, segregation continues to be a
problem for the Black community, with rate...

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