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"Beethoven; Art and Protest in the 1800s" Please respond to the following. You can use resources under the Explore heading to shape your response!

1) Listen to one (1) composition (i.e., for a symphony) by Beethoven. Identify the composition that you listened to, and determine whether you would characterize the chosen composition as either the Classical or Romantic style of music. Explain the features that lead you to your conclusion.

2) What were the Romantics all about? If you had only one example to use to explain Romanticism to someone who had never heard of it or read your book, which work of visual art or literary art from your text would you choose, why? What did the Romantics think about the technological and scientific innovations of their age? Do you think they would feel similarly today, why or why not?

3) Please give one example of how either black slaves or white abolitionists used literature or the visual arts as a form of protest against slavery. How do you think the work you selected impacted its audience? What about the work enabled it to change minds?

It needs to be about 250-300 words total, 75-100 words per question.

Any questions?

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