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Week 1 Assignment Template [STUDENT NAME GOES HERE] CMIT 495 Current Trends and Projects in Computer Networks and Security Week 1 – Virtualization 1. Log in to your newly created AWS account and take a screen capture of the AWS Management Console (Dashboard) and embed it below. 2. Provide a detailed overview of the steps required to install the Ubuntu server operating system on the virtual machine. The steps may be listed in bullet points or complete sentences. Use as much space as required. 3. What are the benefits of virtualization in a cloud environment? Discuss a minimum of three benefits in detail. 4. Based on your experience, what was the most challenging aspect of installing the Ubuntu server operating systems in the virtual environment? 5. Launch the terminal and update the Ubuntu Server using sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade. Perform a screen capture after having each command successfully run. Next, describe in depth what the update and upgrade commands are doing (explain why it is important to run these commands, how often should these commands be run, where do the commands pull the updates). 6. After successfully installing the Ubuntu Server operating systems, login via an SSH client. Instructions are provided by Amazon on how to do so. When connected, run the following commands to obtain information about the host and network settings: whoami command ifconfig command pwd command ping Next, perform a screen capture of each of the results and embed it below. Upon completion of this assignment, export your file as a PDF and upload to the LEO/Assignments folder. Week 1 Assignment Template [STUDENT NAME GOES HERE] 7. Note the difference between IP addresses—specifically, when you perform the ifconfig or ipconfig on your personal system, versus the ifconfig command within the virtual machine command prompt. Describe the network settings of each system. Why are the IP addresses different? Are the IP addresses private or public? What is the difference between a public and private IP address? Explain in detail. 8. The CTO is fascinated at how easy it was for you to launch the Ubuntu virtual machine. She is now curious about the overall costs of doing so for all developers within the organization. The developers within the organization receive a new laptop or desktop each year per the refresh cycle. Specifically, she has tasked you to provide an estimate of yearly costs using AWS versus the organization refreshing developer laptops and desktops, given the following information and constraints. Organizational Costs for Existing Equipment: ● 35 laptops are refreshed yearly at an average cost of $1,200 per machine. ○ These laptops have a 90W power supply, but run at 37W. ● 65 desktops (and peripherals) are refreshed yearly at an average cost of $1,600 per machine. ○ These desktops have a 650W power supply, but run at 220W. ● Due to the unique development environment, the laptops and desktops are not powered off. The average electricity cost for the organization is $0.15 KWH. Thus, each laptop costs $48.60 to run for a year, and each desktop costs $289.50 to run for a year. ● Consider all of the aforementioned expenses the organization incurs when making your recommendation, and be sure to show your work. Amazon AWS Costs for Hosting the Virtual Desktop ● The organization would need to replace all of the developer laptops and desktops with a AWS Linux virtual machine. ● Using the AWS Dashboard Calculator, calculate the cost to meet the organizational needs given the aforementioned details. Upon completion of this assignment, export your file as a PDF and upload to the LEO/Assignments folder. Week 1 Assignment Template [STUDENT NAME GOES HERE] After performing the necessary calculations based on the organizational requirements, perform a cost-benefit analysis and provide your recommendation. Make sure to summarize your findings and justify your solution. 9. Virtualization allows us to place the functionality of many servers into a single host while maintaining configurable levels of separation between all virtual machines. How do you believe virtualization could help in data center consolidation? What would you be leery about during and after any transition? 10. Does virtualization increase the cybersecurity posture of the organization? If so, describe how and why. If not, describe how and why not. 11. There are various virtualization options: bare-metal (type 1) in which the hypervisors run directly on the hardware as their own operating systems, and user-space (type 2) hypervisors that run within the conventional operating systems. Which of these options is more secure? Describe the vulnerabilities you believe exist in either type 1, type 2, or both configurations. Given that, what do you believe can be done to mitigate these vulnerabilities? 12. Confirm that you have stopped and terminated your AWS Linux server instance. To confirm, simply type your name below. Upon completion of this assignment, export your file as a PDF and upload to the LEO/Assignments folder.
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