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Organic Chem 1: Stereochemistry Worksheet # 05.1 (10 points) Name: ________________________ Due Date: _____________ Enantiomers, Diastereomers and Chirality 1) Indicate whether each of the following molecules is chiral or achiral. (4 points) a) 4-ethylheptane b) c) d) 2) Indicate the relationship of each pair of structures: Are they the same, constitutional isomers, enantiomers or diastereomers? (6 points) AND AND AND Organic Chem 1: Stereochemistry Worksheet # 05.2 (12 points) Name: ________________________ Due Date: _____________ Absolute Configuration 1) Assign a configuration, R or S, to each of these compounds. (4 points) a) c) b) d) 2) Are these compounds chiral? Build models and draw diagrams or redraw the molecules to justify your answer? (8 points) Organic Chem 1: Stereochemistry Worksheet # 05.3 (20 points) Name: ________________________ Due Date: _____________ Assign R, S configurations to each indicated stereogenic center in the molecules below. Place asterisks at all the chirality centers in each molecule below. How many chirality centers are in each molecule? Label each pair of stereoisomers below as: a) enantiomers b) diastereomers c) identical For help viewing the 2nd and 4th problem below, look up the definition of “Fisher Projection” H CO2H OH CH3 H CO2H CH3 OH ...
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Chapter 5.1
Enantiomers, diasteroisomers and chirality
1) Indicate whether each of the following molecules is chiral or achiral
Chirality in a molecule occurs when an asymmetric carbon is present, this is a carbon with 4
different substituents. In case all carbons have a plane of symmetry (at least 2 of its substituents
are the same) the molecule is then achiral
a) 4-ethylheptane

In this case the molecule is achiral since all carbons have a plane of symmetry. Even at position
4, since at both sides we have a cha...

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