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  1. Begin by describing the topic Bipolar Disorder And Grief NIMH resources that you believe might be useful in researching this topic. Briefly explain how you would use each resource.
  2. Continue by describing more generally how governmental or nonprofit organizational Web sites like this might supplement your efforts in academic research. Address the following specific questions at a minimum:
    • In what ways might this type of material supplement the reading you have completed in identifying a concern, the current strategies employed to address it, and future research on the topic?
    • How could this site support your strengths as a researcher?
    • What other information that may be critical to your focus on a topic is not available?
    • What steps would you take to determine the credibility of nonacademic sites like these?

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Print Graduate Discussion Participation Scoring Guide Due Date: weekly Percentage of Course Grade: 30%. Graduate Discussion Participation Grading Rubric Criteria Non-performance Apply relevant course concepts, Does not explain relevant Explains relevant course concepts, Applies relevant course Analyzes course concepts, theories, or theories, or materials correctly. 25% course concepts, theories, or materials. theories, or materials. concepts, theories, or materials correctly. materials correctly, using examples or supporting evidence. Collaborate with fellow learners, relating the discussion Does not collaborate with fellow learners. Collaborates with fellow learners without relating the discussion to Collaborates with fellow learners, relating the Collaborates with fellow learners, relating the discussion to relevant course the relevant course concepts. discussion to relevant course concepts. concepts and extending the dialogue. Does not contribute professional, personal, or Contributes professional, personal, or other real-world experiences, but Applies relevant professional, personal, or other real-world Applies relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences to extend other real-world experiences. contributions lack relevance. experiences. the dialogue. Support position with Does not establish relevant Establishes relevant position. Supports position with Validates position with applicable applicable knowledge. 25% position. applicable knowledge. knowledge. to relevant course concepts. 25% Apply relevant professional, personal, or other real-world experiences. 25% Basic Proficient Distinguished Participation Guidelines Actively participate in discussions. To do this you should create a substantive post for each of the discussion topics. Each post should demonstrate your achievement of the participation criteria. In addition, you should respond to the posts of at least two of your fellow learners for each discussion question—unless the discussion instructions state otherwise. These responses to other learners should be substantive posts that contribute to the conversation by asking questions, respectfully debating positions, and presenting supporting information relevant to the topic. Also, respond to any follow-up questions the instructor directs to you in the discussion area. To allow other learners time to respond, you are encouraged to post your initial responses in the discussion area by midweek. Comments to other learners' posts are due by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (Central time zone).
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Bipolar Disorder NIMH Resources
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The National Institute of Mental Health Website provides excellent resources and
articles about the Topic of Bipolar Disorder. The resource that might be useful in researching
this topic should have a description of the disorder, symptoms, and treatment. Additionally,
the resource from NIMH on Bipolar Disorder and Grief is one that has sample case studies that
can is related to the mental disorder. The Topic of Bipolar Disorder is one that pertains to the
mental state of a patient. A person who has Bipolar disorder is, most of the time, extremely
happy or extremely sad and has an episode of manic depression.

In what ways might this type of material supplement the reading you have completed in
identifying a conce...

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