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Unit III Assignment


Art Gallery: Visual Elements

For Unit III of your art gallery presentation, you will be adding descriptions of the visual elements you observe in the artworks you placed in your art gallery. The purpose of this unit assignment is to demonstrate that you can apply what you learned about visual elements to your gallery artworks.

  • Begin by reviewing your Unit II feedback and making any necessary revisions.
  • Place one Visual Elements slide directly after the artwork it describes.
  • Next, research the elements using Chapter 3 of your textbook.
  • Make sure you describe all of the visual elements from Chapter 3 using complete sentences. Questions to consider are included below:
    • Line: Describe what kind of lines are in the artwork (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, thick, thin, etc.). What do the lines do? Do they lead your eye to something?
    • Shape: Describe what kind of shapes are in the artwork and where they appear. Are there circular shapes in clouds, rectangular shapes in buildings?
    • Light: Where is the light coming from? What is it highlighting?
    • Color: What colors are used? Are the colors bright, tints, muted? Are they different shades of one hue?
    • Texture: Is there a pattern on some area in the artwork? Is there a paint texture such as impasto?
    • Mass: Is the artwork heavier in one area?
    • Time: Is there anything in the artwork that gives the sense of time? Is it a daytime or nighttime scene?
    • Motion: Is motion depicted? Are people walking, running, floating, or climbing toward something?
  • You must use at least your textbook as an outside source. Be sure to follow APA format for all sources used, including the textbook. When adding your own opinion or observation, you will not need a citation as it is an original thought.
  • Please submit your full presentation thus far, which should include the previous updated segments and the segment for this unit.
  • This segment must include a minimum of five PowerPoint slides.

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Visual Elements
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Lines and Shapes

There are many types of lines in the picture among them
being curved, vertical and even horizontal.

These lines are effectively used to create shapes of items
in the scene.

There are rectangular shapes in the fence and the
building and there are also circular shapes in the


Nice! Really impressed with the quality.


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