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Essay Topic:

Discuss the impact of the political and cultural developments in Western societies of the ancient and medieval eras with "Law and Order" as the central theme. Make sure to incorporate the "Perpetua's Journey" text into the essay.


This is obviously a very broad essay topic. The purpose of this essay is for you to think about the material that you have studied throughout this course. Provide your own analysis of the impact and legacy of the various historical events that you have studied. You are not expected to discuss every era that we covered in this course. Pick a few that you feel are the most important and that you can relate to the concept of Law and Order I will be looking for your ability to tie various historical movements together and show how they are connected.

Suggestions for proceeding with this assignment:

1) Look through your previous work for this class to refresh your memory on what you have learned.

2) Look through the textbook and make note of historical events that you think you would like to include in your essay, and that you can relate to Law and Order.

4) Pick 3 eras to include in your essay. Read up on those from the textbook.

5) Draft your essay. Put an extra emphasis on showing connections between the topics and relating them to Law and Order, and comparing the eras to each other.

6) If you have questions for me, contact me by private message sooner than later. Don't wait until the last minute.

Sources: the textbook and Perpetua's Journey, and any other readings provided within this course if and when appropriate. You do not need to conduct outside research for this essay.

Length: 6 full pages to 7 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 font.

Format Options:

If you submit your work Inline, I will be copying it into Microsoft Word and adjusting the font size to 12 to see the page length.

If you submit your work by attaching a document, use one of these file types only: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .wpd, .rtf


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Political and Cultural Developments




Political and Cultural Developments
One of the traceable features of western political tradition is the distinct relationship
between the law and the impacts of political and cultural developments throughout the period.
The medieval and ancient times in western societies history comprises of more than a thousand
years that fall during the time of the fall of the roman empire in the west, all over the renaissance
period of the 15th century. The medieval era was the era characterized by barbarism, violence,
illiteracy, and ignorance. It was proceeded by a massive civilization which the modern society
we value today. Its transformative and fascinating evolution was characterized by democracy,
science, religion, and industrialization (Valk, 2017).
During medieval Europe, aspects of law and order lied in the hands of the community
because there were no policemen. The only way to ensure law and order was to make sure
people were scared of crimes by imposing harsh punishments even for minor crimes such as
burglary. Corporate punishment was also used for major crimes but the most common forms
of punishment were mutilation, fines and shaming. This was placed in manorial courts, the
king’s courts and even church courts. This paper, therefore, depicts specific developments in
the political and cultural arena of western society and its impact on law and order.
Law and punishments were very harsh during medieval times in western societies.
People believed that they would learn how to behave when they feared what would happen.
Harsh punishments were administered on both small offenses to serious punishments. Let us
start by understanding the factors that influence law and punishments in medieval Europe. First,
kings were believed to be chosen by God, they were responsible for controlling the land and
law protected ensuring subjects. The nobles were the people who advised and supported the
king. They were also expected to obey the law upon providing military service to the king. The
peasants formed the portion of farmers and people who lived in the villages. The people worked



either for themselves or for the local lord (Backman Clifford, 2013). They were expected to
keep the law and ensure the village was a lawful place. Lastl...

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