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An enterprise security plan is a document that explains the security exposure that an entity would encounter in a specific marketplace. A committee of people typically writes this document over a span of a few months. Many times the drafts begin with developing a high-level overview of strategic objectives that address how to secure the enterprise inside and outside the enterprise.

The CEO asks you to explain the core principles of enterprise security and respond to five strategic objectives as part of the overall enterprise system security plan draft. They are:

  • Data loss prevention
  • Access controls
  • Data management
  • Risk management
  • Cloud technology

For each of the five strategic objectives, write a response that addresses the following:

  • Key initiative: Why is this topic important to Auburn Regional?
  • Objectives: What is the desired outcome to this effort?
  • Description: What is the specific strategic objective? Provide a high-level explanation.
  • Benefits: What will be the benefits of this effort?
  • Outcome: What will be done to meet this objective?

Include any charts, graphics, or infographics created in previous weeks that support your findings.

Compile your response with the following:

  • An updated executive summary
  • A final recommendation
  • At least three new references throughout your plan overview, cited according to APA guidelines.

Incorporate feedback and use previous assignments as a resource. As a guideline, an overview of this nature is typically 3 to 4 pages long.

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